Update 0.1.2

Released: 10th November 2022

Hi again everyone, we’re back already with another hotfix! Thank you to our growing community for all of your very helpful feedback–as a reminder, if you’d like to join discussions on Godless and provide your own feedback directly to the developers, come on over to the Brace Yourself Games Discord!


  • Transitions between certain scenes are now smoother


  • Dragging a gem to the diamond icon on the upper panel no longer closes the menu with gems and doesn’t lead to malfunctioning of skill slots
  • Resurrecting a unit with the “Soul Shard” (death-death gem) or the “Well of Souls” (death tile) no longer freezes the turn (happened under specific conditions)
  • The “Intimidation” (buff from the “Emerald Defender” nature talent) no longer reduces attack below 0
  • Having exactly 5 Energy, 15 Ether or 8 Shrine Health no longer prevents from paying for the third Ritual