Released: 31st January 2023


After over 2 years in early access, Industries of Titan is finally coming to 1.0. Some team members have been working on this game for over 5 years! To see this game reach 1.0 is a little surreal, and we can’t thank you enough for being with us on this journey. I know portraying an evil capitalistic overlord might not seem like it, but a lot of love has gone into this game. We hope you enjoy. 🙂

Changes and New Features

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

New Features


  • Added cutscene for campaign victory
  • Added additional metrics to the campaign victory screen
  • Improved campaign victory end-screen appearance

Locations and Weather

  • Added two new weather events:
    • Aurora – Increases outdoor walking speed
    • High Winds – Increases wind speed
  • Added two new map locations:
    • Eerie Expenditure – A map that has a higher number of obsidian ruins and mineral patches, but fewer isotope patches
    • Arid Acquisition – A map that has a higher number of inert ruins, and regular ruins but fewer isotope and mineral patches

Victory Points and Council Favor

  • Added 3 new victory points:
    • Own a monument center
    • Own transport hubs
    • Unlock technologies in the tech web
  • Added new council favor option:
    • Increase influence gain rate
  • Added new starting bonus:
    • Aromatherapy: Pollution increases habitability. Pollution does more damage to citizens

Lore and Voice Over

  • Added additional Lore Logs for rivals, the Logistics Advisor and a handful of new characters
  • Added missing VO and explanation about Corporate Goals and adding
  • Added new VO for tutorial
  • Added a tooltip to the advisor panel’s button

Visual Effects

  • Added visual flare when discovering inert ruins
  • Added smoke effects to crevices that are affected by the “Down the Hatch” starting bonus, and highlights as pollution sources when the pollution overlay is enabled
  • Added smoke VFX to Factories when emitting pollution
  • Added visual clarity to cectors on the campaign map so they look more like the biome they represent
  • Added further improvements to visual difference between biomes
  • Added colour to Purchasable Sectors when they are available to buy
  • Added VFX displayed on Air Purifiers
  • Added VFX to Monetization stations when Citizen ad revenue tech is researched
  • Added blinking notification to  the Research tab on the top bar when research is complete
  • Added improved rebel camp indicators on campaign map sectors. When a sector features higher rebel aggression, the camps on the tile will appear larger
  • Improved VFX displayed on Air Purifiers

Quality of Life

  • Improved Rival descriptions in campaign map tooltip
  • Added a popup notification when starting the game with saves from a previous version (Saves will be archived separately)
  • Added “Return to Campaign Map” button to the pause menu while in campaign sessions
    • This will return the player to the campaign map and forfeit the current session


  • Changed “Livability” to “Habitability” to better differentiate between tile based Habitability and global City Livability
  • Changed the default priority of the “Clean Up” job category so that Supply Smokestacks is above Clean Waste
  • Changed the tech web tooltip to display the current progress of active research
  • Changed tooltip for Corporate Goals button on the top panel to display the current Victory Points, how many are needed for the next trophy and current trophy level
  • Changed connection and upgrade tooltips for most buildings
  • Changed the art for most starting bonuses
  • Changed some VO to the campaign tutorial
  • Changed Confirm Favor button to always be visible while scrolling through council favor options
  • Changed idle player ships so that they attack enemy ships attacking a nearby friendly building
  • Changed the Council Communications tab to show applied Council favors even when it is locked
  • Changed many warning flags that contained words to use icons and tooltips


  • ▲ Increased chances for artifacts to spawn in ruins
  • ▲ Increased resource drop rate from ruins by 25%
  • ▲ Increased resource drop rates for Large, and Obsidian ruins by 25%
  • ▲ Increased the amount of resources in resource patches
  • ▲ Halved time for input/processing/output of resource processors
  • ▲ Starting bonuses that are not selected in a campaign will have a stacking credit bonus added the next time it is available
  • ▲ Hospital range increased by 1
  • ▲ Doubled benefits of “Max Influence” favor bonus
  • ▲ Reduced the required buildings for tier 4 and 5 victory points
  • ▲ Pollution damage to citizens reduced by 50%
  • ▲ Decreased the amount of citizens required in the city to affect global livability
  • ▲ Reduced tier level of HQ and Command Center range upgrades
  • ▲ Increased Command Center range by 1 and vision by 2
  • ⮂ Adjusted the map generation settings for all biomes
    • Biomes will now vary greatly in resource patch availability and quantity, as well as resource nodes, crevices, rocks, mountains, lakes and the amount/type of ruins that will spawn
  • ▼ Worker movement speed tech reduced by 5%
  • ▼ Base Global Livability reduced from 50 > 20
  • ▼ Reduced passive dissipation rate of pollution by 50%
  • ▼ Smoke stack pollution increased by 30%
  • ▼ Mines now produce 50% more pollution than smokestacks
  • ▼ Tripled habitability effects from Xethane and Pollution
  • ▼ Pollution emitted from “Down the Hatch” bonus doubled
  • ▼ Increased habitability penalty on roads from -1 > -3 for “Super Highways” starting bonus
    • Increased road habitability range from 1 > 3 to be in line with all other buildings
  • ▼ Device construction time for “Off Brand Devices” increased by 50%
  • ▼ “Off Brand Devices” construction cost adjustment reduced from -80% > -40%
  • ▼ Influence cap [b]Added[/b] by Monument Research Center reduced from 100 > 50, Influence gain rate reduced by 1


  • 🪐Fixed buildings not keeping their original rotation when connecting
    • When two buildings are connected they will keep the rotation of the first building selected. If the connected building cannot face that direction after connecting then it will face the default direction
    • Devices in Factory interiors will keep their original orientations after connecting
    • Some blueprints that were created before this update for connected factories may not be applied correctly and will need to be re-created
  • Fixed council favor tooltips not updating when points are assigned/unassigned
  • Fixed habitability values not being scaled the same way in all the UI
    • The habitability bonus shown on a building will now match the one displayed in the habitability breakdown of nearby buildings
  • Fixed language button on main menu not updating after changing languages through settings
  • Fixed blueprints with currently unresearched devices not being usable if you could otherwise afford them
  • Fixed tooltip for Overlay and Filter at the bottom of the screen overlapping
  • Fixed turret model brightness dropping after being enabled
  • Fixed Gatling guns occasionally appearing to visually drift off their main target when attacking a building
  • Fixed a visual issue that could occur when the camera transitioned while a camera shake was occurring
  • Fixed ship priority list not updating after devices have been removed
  • Fixed missing habitability penalty for destroyed L2/L3 buildings
  • Fixed an issue where the screen could become blank after loading inside a shipyard with a constructed hull
  • Fixed an issue where Gatling Guns could play their animation indefinitely if combat was broken while they fired
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the ship management panel after destroying a shipyard with a ship
  • Fixed connecting hospitals not increasing the hospital’s healing range
  • Fixed ability to rebind Left/Right mouse button
  • Fixed waste modules displaying a “discard” button that could not be used
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading a save that was made while the “Reset Favor’ dialogue box was open

Known issues

  • We have one big remaining issue that we’ll tackle in a fix soon. Sorry!
  • After destroying a rival’s HQ, map tiles can suddenly become un-selectable.
    • If this occurs, rotating the camera so that it faces south will allow you to continue playing that session