Patch 0.28.0

Released: 1st November 2022

Update 25: Campaign Mode


CAMPAIGN MODE: Wrest control of Titan, one sector at a time.
MENTAL, HEALTH: 2 new buildings – parks and hospitals!
RIVAL ARRIVAL: 5 new rivals to compete against.
JUMP START: A host of new starting bonuses

See the full patch notes below!

Changes and New Features 

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!Campaign mode has been added offering a whole new way to play the game! Wrest control of Titan, one sector at a time in this new game mode

  • Each sector will have a different scenario for you to overcome
  • Each victory will reveal more of Titan to explore and conquer
  • Earn Council Favor from victories that you can use to access powerful bonuses
  • The higher the victory tier, the more Council Favor you will earn
  • Once a Favor is spent it can only be re-set 3 times per campaign
  • Conquer two of the special highlighted sectors to claim ultimate victory and earn a seat on the Council
  • Conquering highlighted sectors will grant a large amount of Favor
  • Campaign scenarios use “Elimination” rebel activity, meaning destroying all rebel camps on a map will stop rebel attack waves for that session
  • Please note that the Campaign victory sequence is still being worked on and features some placeholder elements right now

Two new buildings have been added!

  • Hospitals:
    • Increases the health regen of citizens living nearby
    • increases nearby livability
    • Residences affected by hospitals will display healing VFX
    • Can be upgraded and connected to improve healing effects
  • Parks:
    • Significantly increases livability of nearby residences
    • Citizens will gather around parks during Leisure time
    • Can be upgraded and connected to increase livability effects

Five new Rivals have arrived!

  • New Rivals:
    • Kennar Ruari – A generalist with an industrial goal set
    • Tiann Garra – An aggressor with a military goal set
    • Kota Tendo – A generalist with an economic goal set
    • Orenna Kierke – A pacifist with a political goal set
    • Ryn Kierke – An aggressor with a military goal set
  • Rival’s portrait will be displayed in the Rival’s section of the Victory Conditions tab
  • Rival corporations have their own unique logos
  • Rival ships now have unique colours to help differentiate them from the player’s ships

New Victory Cards

  • Energy Empire – Focuses on victory points relating to Energy
  • Logistical Leader – Focuses on victory points relating to transportation and logistics

New Starting Bonuses

  • Experimental Fuel Tanks – Fuel silos automatically fill up when next to crevices. Fuel silos have less health and a bigger explosion when destroyed, Fuel Turbine buildings are less effective
  • Super Highways – Trucks are much faster on roads. Roads grant negative livability
  • Cheap Construction Materials – Buildings take less time to build. Buildings have less health
  • Slumlord – Residential buildings can house more citizens. Citizens generate more waste

New Tech and Tech Changes

  • Added 11 new Techs to the Tech Web
    • Hospital Healing rate level 1 & 2 – Increases Hospital healing rate
    • Hospital Power Requirement – Decreases power needed to run a Hospital
    • Air Purifier Power Requirement – Decreases power needed to run an Air Purifier
    • Science Lab Power Requirement – Decreases power needed to run a Science Lab
    • Park Power Requirement – Decreases power needed to run a Park
    • Fan Power Requirement – Decreases power needed to run a fan
    • Building Construction Time – Decreases the time it takes to construct a building
    • Building Upgrade Time – Decreases the time it takes to upgrade a building
    • Building Connection Time – Decreases the time it takes to connect a building
    • Device Construction Time – Decreases the time it takes to construct a device
  • Tech web is now always accessible
    • You will be able to start researching new technology from the very beginning of the game
    • Building and staffing science labs will still increase your overall research speed
    • The time it takes to complete the first few techs has been increased slightly to make up for being able to start research immediately

Other Changes

  • Added VFX to some of the upgrades researched from the tech web
  • 🪐Added employee module to the Full Time Worker management list. This will let you assign and unassign employees to employee modules from anywhere using the employee management panel.
  • 🪐Ship blueprints that contain devices that have not been researched yet can be used. There will be a warning displayed on the blueprint selection that will tell you which devices will not be built
  • Added a warning when a processor is unable to function due to too much waste on the floor
  • Added a flag above rebel ships to indicate when they are attacking the rival
  • Tech Web zoom level will be saved when exiting and re-entering the tech web
  • In progress research window will now display on the bottom right of the HUD in the Tech Web. This should make it easier to navigate the web while research is ongoing.
  • 🪐Selecting or placing a turret will display all existing turret ranges
  • Changed the default priority list for ship crews
    • This should improve the repairs made by crew aboard ships with default priorities and help make employees operate devices more consistently after the ship has taken heavy damage
    • When ships are not in combat, employees will prioritize repairing damaged devices over operating devices
    • This change will only affect ships built after this patch is applied


Reworked Livability and Citizen Job Systems

  • Citizens can now work at any job no matter how far it is from where they live
  • The population overlay will now show lines between residences and jobs indicating which citizens are working where
  • Citizens needing to travel long distances for work will have decreased livability
  • Citizens that live close to where they work will have high livability
  • Most buildings will now decrease or increase livability of the residences near them
  • Added “City Livability” stat that can be seen at the top of the migrant ship tab
  • Having a high City Livability will increase the amount of migrants on incoming ships, while a low City Livability will decrease the amount of migrants on incoming ships

Rebel Balance

  • Rebel waves will always try to spawn ships above a rebel shipyard with a standing Rebel HQ. If there are no rebel shipyards, ships will spawn randomly around the edge of the map
  • An onscreen indicator has been added when rebel attack waves spawn, this will show the general direction the attacking ship(s) will com from
  • The rebel aggro meter fill rate is now affected by how many camps are present on a map
    • The more rebel camps on the map, the faster the aggro meter will fill up
    • Destroying a camp will still cause an immediate spike in aggro, but will reduce the rate that the meter fills up over time
  • 🪐Reduced the amount stored energy contributes to the aggro meter. This should help cities that power defense turrets with batteries to not see large spikes to the aggro meter when the batteries recharge

Other Balance Changes

  • Starting influence reduced from 50 > 40
  • Widened the range for minimum and maximum possible health on inert ruins
  • Adjusted the requirements for many of the victory points


  • Fixed missing turntable images for Auto-shield and Employee module devices
  • Fixed an issue with manually targeted lasers not keeping their target positions after save/load
  • Fixed an issue where ships could get stuck in a dismantling state
  • Fixed an issue with activated tanks appearing empty after save/load
  • Fixed resource tooltip showing incorrect next resource tier to switch to when Tier 3 was selected
  • Fixed issue where input modules could appear stuck if they had resources inside when the processor they were attached to got changed for a different level
  • Resources will now be automatically discarded if a different level of processor is connected
  • Fixed attacking rebel ships becoming idle if they manage to defeat the Rival’s city
  • Fixed an issue with priority list for ship crews not always being followed correctly by crew
  • Fixed default “repair at” value for Generator-L requiring 2 tiles of the device to be damaged before crew started repairing
  • Fixed crew not repairing a device if the first tiles to get damaged on it were inaccessible
  • Fixed patrolling rival ships so that they will no longer intercept rebel ships that are targeting the player’s city
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if the mouse was hovered over certain elements of the ship management panel when a ship was destroyed
  • Fixed no tooltip displaying when hovering over the “copy” button when it is not available
  • Fixed audio log background audio playing indefinitely if it was stopped at certain points
  • Fixed Header overflowing in the Game Over screen when the player loses from lack of storage
  • Fixed a number of triggers in the modular tutorial not working correctly. The advisors should now offer better advice depending on your in-game situation
  • Fixed Gatling Gun codex entry not unlocking after building a Large Gatling Gun
  • Fixed Tutorial not updating when key bindings were changed for camera movement keys
  • Fixed livability info not appearing on habitat pods unless a monetization station was built
  • Fixed Science Labs not showing the Research Efficiency upgrade per employee in their tooltip
  • Fixed rival’s victory cards not being revealed if they were defeated before all tiers were unlocked to view
  • Fixed an issue where dragging folders in the Ship Employee Management window could sometimes re-distribute folder contents
  • Fixed “Never Repair” setting in Ship Employee Management window getting reset after losing or gaining a crew member
  • Fixed Launch button on shipyards appearing available while a ship was being repaired
  • Fixed “Rotate Device CCW” not having a key-binding option
  • Fixed processors with multiple outputs displaying a “full” flag if only one output is full
  • Fixed Grid lines appearing between AI power buildings and player pylons when they were built close to each other
  • Fixed “End Of Day Balance” in the credits tooltip displaying a negative value instead of 0 when salaries can’t be paid
  • Fixed filters displaying on waste receptacles, even though they can only store waste
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Fully Staffed” achievement to not unlock right away
  • Fixed the “Armed to the Teeth” achievement not unlocking until after a ship with full weapons has re-docked and un-docked again
  • Fixed “Mineral Monarchy” and “Isotope so!” achievements not tracking resources mined from resource nodes, or resources obtained from obsidian ruins
  • Fixed “This Moon ain’t Big Enough…” achievement unlocking under incorrect circumstances
  • Fixed “Making Connections” achievement unlocking before the building actually connected
  • Fixed “Stayin Alive” achievement unlocking under incorrect circumstances
  • Fixed “Feeling Gassy” achievement unlocking of the fuel turbine didn’t have an employee assigned
  • Fixed “All aboard” achievement unlocking if the ship had max crew pods, but no crew
  • Fixed “Rebuild, Die, Repeat” achievement sometimes counting buildings that were not fully rebuilt
  • Fixed “Shields Up” achievement not triggering at all
  • Fixed “Power Overwhelming” not counting rebel ships that were destroyed from oxygen being drained

Known issues

  • Some localization is missing from the game still
  • Connected and upgraded parks are missing thumbnails on their selection panels
  • Employees currently prioritize storing resources in the closest available storage rather than one that is accessible by trucks. If you think your employees should be using trucks when they are not, please make sure there is no valid storage that is not connected to a road for that resource within walking distance of the mine
  • Sometimes an attacking rebel ship can become untargetable when it should be destroyed, causing the attack wave to persist indefinitely. This can be resolved by saving and loading, which will allow you to finish off the ship and end the attack wave
  • Energy Plants may not display a “No Fuel” tag if there is a small amount of fuel left in a fuel tank, but not enough to run the Energy Plant
  • Turning on Single repeat in the music player will not stay toggled on when the music player is closed
  • Removing workers from a ship with a shield generator can cause the shield to appear to still be on with nobody operating the device
  • If a building is renamed during construction, canceling that construction will cause the name to be applied to the empty tile.
  • If a resource in the Spaceport or Council building is required for construction, that resource is not prioritized and construction will take longer than usual. If a building is not constructing, we recommend canceling the construction and placing it again so that different resources are reserved. This usually occurs with Isotopes 1!
  • If resources are filtered from a container to be moved to a different one, they can still be used for construction, causing longer than usual wait times. To solve, re-enable the filter on the box they are in to cancel the move resources job so that they can be used for Construction
  • Resuming a save file will show negative fuel if the game starts paused, unpausing will resolve the issue
  • Some Tutorial pieces do not have VO currently – they will need to be advanced manually
  • If your computer turns off in the middle of a game due to power loss or updates, Steam Cloud Sync may corrupt your save files
  • If the entrances to Citizen devices (Habitat Pods, Monetization Station, and Conversion Capsule) are blocked, Citizens will lie on the ground, in the air, or through other devices
  • If a building is entered while paused, sometimes all Employees and Citizens will be in T-Pose
  • Trucks may not travel extremely long distances in a very big city
  • Windows N users will need to install the Windows Media Feature Pack from the Windows Store – it’s required to play the videos in the game
  • Linux users have significant trouble getting the game to run via Proton – we are not officially supporting Linux at this time so there is not a lot we can do for you, sorry!
  • Performance can decline the larger a city gets
  • It’s possible but rare for the camera to become stuck when exiting a ship in combat
  • Phoning an Advisor during the step where instructed to view the panel will cause their dialog to be cut off in favor of the final step of the linear tutorial
  • When two Factories are connected, their interiors (and exterior) will flip around