Patch 0.27.5

Released: 4th October 2022

Happy Titan Tuesday, Founders! Today’s update is an Experimental patch because, as we near the finish line, we don’t plan on releasing any more major updates to the main branch until our 1.0 launch. So that means that if you’d like to try out the new features we have coming down the pike before our full release (like today’s game-changing Campaign Mode) then Experimental is the place to be! So without further adieu, let’s take a look at what today’s patch has in store.

Changes and New Features

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

  • Campaign Mode has been added, offering a whole new way to play the game!
    • Wrest control of Titan, one sector at at time in this exciting new game mode
    • Each sector will have a different scenario for you to overcome
    • Each victory will reveal more of Titan to explore and conquer
    • Earn Council Favor from victories that you can use to access powerful bonuses
    • The higher the victory tier, the more Council Favor you will earn
    • Conquer two of the special highlighted sectors to claim ultimate victory and earn a seat on the Council
    • Please note that the Campaign victory sequence is still being worked on and features some placeholder elements right now
  • Four new Rivals have arrived!
    • Kennar Ruari – A generalist with an industrial goal set
    • Tiann Garra – An aggressor with a military goal set
    • Orenna Kierke – A Pacifist with a political goal set (Currently only available in Scenario mode)
    • Ryn Kierke – An aggressor with a military goal set (Currently only available in Scenario mode)
  • Rival corporations will no longer use the same logo as the player
    • Rival corporation logos are currently placeholder and will change in the future
  • Unique Rival Ship Colours
    • Rival ships now have unique colours to help differentiate them from the player’s ships
  • 🪐Added employee module to the Full Time Worker management list
    • You will now be able to assign and unassign employees to employee modules from anywhere using the employee management panel.


  • Tech web is now always accessible
    • You will be able to start researching new technology from the very beginning of the game
    • Building and staffing science labs will still increase your overall research speed
    • The time it takes to complete the first few techs has been increased slightly to make up for being able to start research immediately
  • Changed the default priority list for ship crews
    • This should improve the repairs made by crew aboard ships with default priorities and help make employees operate devices more consistently after the ship has taken heavy damage
    • When ships are not in combat, employees will prioritize repairing damaged devices over operating devices
    • This change will only affect ships built after this patch is applied
  • 🪐Selecting or placing a turret will display all existing turret ranges


  • Fixed missing turntable images for Auto-shield and Employee module devices
  • Fixed an issue with manually targeted lasers not keeping their target positions after save/load
  • Fixed an issue where ships could get stuck in a dismantling state
  • Fixed an issue with activated tanks appearing empty after save/load
  • Fixed resource tooltip showing incorrect next resource tier to switch to when Tier 3 was selected
  • Fixed issue where input modules could appear stuck if they had resources inside when the processor they were attached to got changed for a different level
    • Resources will now be automatically discarded if a different level of processor is connected
  • Fixed attacking rebel ships becoming idle if they manage to defeat the Rival’s city
  • Fixed an issue with priority list for ship crews not always being followed correctly by crew
  • Fixed default “repair at” value for Generator-L requiring 2 tiles of the device to be damaged before crew started repairing
  • Fixed crew not repairing a device if the first tiles to get damaged on it were inaccessible
  • Fixed patrolling rival ships so that they will no longer intercept rebel ships that are targeting the player’s city
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if the mouse was hovered over certain elements of the ship management panel when a ship was destroyed
  • Fixed no tooltip displaying when hovering over the “copy” button when it is not available
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Fully Staffed” achievement to not unlock right away
  • Fixed the “Armed to the Teeth” achievement not unlocking until after a ship with full weapons has re-docked and un-docked again
  • Fixed “Mineral Monarchy” and “Isotope so!” achievements not tracking resources mined from resource nodes
  • Fixed Header overflowing in the Game Over screen when the player loses from lack of storage