Patch 0.12.3

Released: 28th May 2021

Changes as of 0.12.3

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

Did You Hear That?

  • Added a ton of never-heard-before voice lines!
  • Updated the tutorial to include some extra steps


  • ? Added support to change keybindings for the Build Menu shortcuts in City View
  • ? Increased support in the hopes of preventing stuttery cutscenes – please let us know if you’ve noticed an improvement!
  • Moved our Dyslexic font setting to the Accessibility tab in the settings menu

Better Indicators

  • Modules now indicate if their connection to a processor is valid by turning the *plug icon* Green or Red
  • Device hologram colour is now blue when valid instead of green, to match buildings
  • A ‘No Employee’ warning flag is displayed on Resource Patches that have no Employee assigned

Ship It

  • Player ships will always attack enemy ships if in range – no targeting necessary!
  • Employees and Ship crew now have separate tabs, so that you always know exactly where your Employees are
  • Added new UI for ship destination selection

Contrast Adjustment

  • Adjusted the contrast of day and night cycle (daytime is less bright, nighttime is less dark)

Looking for Trouble

  • Influence maximum can now be increased by destroying or dismantling a Rebel HQ
  • Added some more functionality to the Rebel Threat meter – it now indicates what wave of attack you’re currently on!
    • Also displays in Survival mode, as well as in Endless mode after winning a Standard mode game

The Road Ahead

  • We now display the roadmap the first time you start the game, and then again every subsequent Titan Tuesday


  • Default ship speed is decreased by 25%
  • Reduced reload time of Rebel Turrets
  • Starting influence is now 100 instead of 300
  • Destroying Rebel HQ will provide influence and increase influence cap
  • Rebel ships no longer provide influence when killed
  • Influence gain reduced by 10%
  • Increased the speed rebel shipyard is built and HQ is upgraded.
  • The Fuel Silo building’s explosion damage has been doubled
  • Truck pollution has been reduced by 50%
  • Purifier Buildings have had their pollution reduction amount doubled
  • Increased time between Rebel attack waves after the first attack. Attack begins immediately after meter hits 0
  • Initial HQ supports 20% less workers

Fixes as of 0.12.3

  • Fixed ship boarding jobs getting missed in the queue (they are now always the highest priority)
  • Fixed Energy Plant appearing powered on incorrectly after connecting if no Employee was assigned
  • Fixed some characters not being allowed in save file names
  • Fixed building holograms defaulting to the origin tile of any map tile larger than 1×1
  • Fixed some tutorial steps not completing
  • Fixed skybox visible for a few seconds when loading
  • Fixed some storage discrepancy instances
  • Minimap overlay no longer visible in shipyard view
  • Alt-tabbing no longer removes frame rate limit
  • Temp jobs can no longer go into the negatives
  • Fixed shipyard construction prioritization not prioritizing ALL clean up jobs, only those on the ‘origin’ tile
  • Fixed VFX and SFX triggering when Rebels claimed tiles during expansion
  • Fixed workers not deprioritizing resource move jobs when the prioritized construction job on the parent tile is canceled
  • Fixed Shield range now correctly displays when placing shield devices in ships
  • Fixed output module’s Conveyor belt now rotates in the correct direction
  • Fixed Command Center not displaying its radius when placing