Released: 5th May 2020


Changes as of

Thanks to Community Feedback, we have added several new features to the game!

  • Global Energy HUD and Energy Overlay! By turning on the Energy Overlay, you can see the names of each of your individual grids, as well as use a dropdown menu in the HUD to view the Energy Output or drain of each of your grids. We also display your Global Fuel usage. We’re looking for feedback on this feature, so please discuss in the Discord and on the Forums how we could improve, as well as any bugs you encounter.
  • Dismantling Storage Containers and Waste Receptacles that contain Resources! We hope it will alleviate some other storage issues and make Factory gameplay more flexible. There may be situations where you can softlock yourself – please report these on the Forums or through the ingame Bug Reporter.
  • Added colored flags for Surveys! Ruins will now display different color flags depending on their contents (colors need to be adjusted for color-blind players)
  • Resources in the Global HUD now have independent tooltips and “Full” warnings for more accurate storage warnings (some bugs still exist)

Other changes we’ve made this patch:

  • Balance: of Standard Mode AI pacing for the new decrementing cooldown times between attacks
  • Updated the connect and upgrade tooltips
  • Added Build Time
  • Conversion Center tooltip now includes the number of Conversion Slots
  • Defense Turret now indicates the Reload Time
  • Updated more tooltip texts to be clearer
  • Medium Storage Container capacity updated from 32 to 36 total storage
  • Storage Facility cost updated from 30 minerals, 2 isotopes to 10 minerals, 3 isotopes
  • Added some new audio for the Defense Turret, as well as some new SFX when Buildings are destroyed

Fixed issues as of

  • Big storage fixes! Thank you to the community for helping us gather so much information – you have been a huge help!
  • Fixed upgrade of a building that contained the resources being used for upgrade not removing resources from local storage but removing them from the HUD anyways, causing a storage discrepancy
  • Fixed cancelling building upgrade adding fake resources to the global HUD accidentally
  • Fixed Storage Facility not increasing capacity correctly when upgraded
  • Fixed resource count increasing accidentally when pausing a device construction (thanks community for helping us find this one!)
  • Fixed placing a storage container on a tile that contained more than one resource accidentally increasing the HUD amount by one less than the total resources stored on the tile, leading to a discrepancy
  • Other issues included storage increasing or decreasing when it shouldn’t while Upgrading and Connecting Buildings that contained storage devices, Employees infinitely pulling fake resources from floor tiles if a Storage Container was built on top of a tile that had previously contained resources, and dismantling Storage decreasing available storage too much
  • Fixed Citizen death animation not loading correctly and causing Citizen corpses to be permanently stuck in the location they died instead of disappearing after a length of time
  • Fixed a crash that was a result of Citizens who died in City view while walking between buildings accidentally occupying living space after their death
  • Slight reduction of the framerate drop when a device completes construction while selected
  • Fixed battery information not being displayed correctly on UI panels when selected
  • Fixed a typo that was causing Rebels in Titan difficulty Survival Mode to appear much later than intended
  • Fixed health bar not showing up on load for ships with less than full health
  • Changed the wording on “confirm new settings” warning
  • Keybinding menu now recognizes different contexts
  • Fixed a possible crash when calculating the player’s net worth
  • Fixed a crash that could result from unlocking buildings after having returned to the main menu at least once during gameplay
  • Fixed burrowed buildings being allowed to connect to unburrowed buildings, resulting in a permanent freeze of the burrow function