Patch 0.10.3

Released: 25th March 2021

Changes as of 0.10.3

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

Night Light, Night Bright

  • ? In the past we’ve received quite a bit of feedback that the day and night cycles aren’t visually obvious, so we’ve taken the opportunity to really brighten up our lighting and make things pop a bit more! Look forward to bright, glowing cities at night, some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, and a more dynamic difference between day and night on Titan!
    • We’re hoping, in addition to just being very pretty, this will help with cementing the Citizen schedules (work, leisure and sleep cycles)
    • We’re also still in the middle of adding accessibility and graphics settings for the new lighting. Please let us know how it performs on your machines/what you would like to see changed!
  • Adjusted the brightness of the territory and command overlays to improve visibility

Up In the Sky! It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No, it’s… Saturn?!

  • Excited to take new photos of your city during different times of day? Don’t forget to tilt that camera up, too – we’ve added skyboxes to Photo Mode for more exciting skyline shots!

Smart Resources!

  • We’ve added an Auto-Select option for building – this will allow you to use multiple tiers towards constructing buildings and devices. The game will choose the most cost-effective combination of tiers to pay for your new construction

Balance and Stability 

  • Lowered all ship costs by 20%
  • Continuing to balance map-gen parameters
  • Made a small adjustment to game tick to hopefully alleviate frame-dropping when it occurs

Fixes as of 0.10.3

  • Fixed map-gen issues preventing certain maps from generating correctly
  • Fixed missing delivery jobs on old saves files, and prevented them from happening in the first place
  • Fixed Employee state not being cleared correctly when unassigning them from a building, causing all sorts of issues
  • Fixed construction jobs getting Employees incorrectly being assigned to the job twice
  • Fixed ships not being allowed to dismantle correctly if a dismantle was started and then the shipyard was disabled
  • Fixed a wide variety of problems related to failed deliveries by changing the way the job system handles failures
  • Fixed net worth being multiplied incorrectly
  • Fixed device cancel job not completely cancelling if no Employee was already doing the job
  • ? Fixed turning buildings on and off causing energy storage to increase or decrease incorrectly
  • Fixed quite a few one-off crashes, added checks to prevent other instances
  • Fixed issues with placing a shipyard on top of Citizens
  • Fixed missing thumbnails and strings on new map tiles
  • Fixed a rare case where Employees could get stuck between pathing nodes due to a miscalculation
  • Fixed jobs not being started correctly in certain cases
  • Fixed jobs getting stuck in the queue and added checks to figure out the source
  • Fixed a crash occurring in the shipyard
  • Fixed bad states caused by resource patches mining to empty
  • Fixed Employee getting stuck when cancelling certain upgrades