Patch 0.10.4

Released: 1st April 2021

Changes as of 0.10.4

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

  • Renamed ‘Auto’ option to ‘Auto-Currency’
    • Changed the location of the Auto-Currency selector to be the same in both City and Building views (it is now at the bottom of the screen in both)
    • Changed the look of the popup when in Auto-Currency mode to reflect the gain to Construction Units instead of tier
  • Trying something out – we’ve renamed the “Industrial Outlet” to the “Energy Bridge” to communicate that it relays Energy from City to Building and Building to City – let us know how that feels!
  • Updated the floor selection UI in buildings
  • Increased the size of the preview models in the Shipyard Hull Selection screen
  • Added information about waste generated to Processor tooltips
  • Reduced the waste of destroyed buildings by 90%
  • Minor tweaks to the new lighting and photo mode to make it even prettier/improve its performance
  • Added a bunch of lovely SFX!
  • Did some restructuring that hopefully improves the stability and performance of the game
  • Added Photo Mode to the pause menu

Fixes as of 0.10.4

  • Fixed a bug preventing the full upgrade of Spaceport and Council building storages (they now upgrade to 100 and 60 storage space respectively)
  • Fixed invalid filter options causing a crash when interacted with
  • Fixed Transport Hub never completing its animation, causing it to be stuck in construction forever
  • Fixed ruins contents not being tied to the seed correctly, causing different ruins each time the same seed was loaded
  • Fixed shadows being cast on all in-game UI (not visible, but caused poorer performance)
  • Fixed some issues with Turrets not updating their state on load
  • Fixed wide lines on in-game UI in buildings
  • Fixed hotkeys not playing UI sounds
  • Fixed SFX not playing correctly or causing issues (various fixes to a bunch of different UI elements)
  • Fixed jobs getting lost if the game was paused while a job was paused/resumed
  • Fixed overflowing UI for Auto-Currency checkbox
  • Temp fix for a crash that occurred when dismantling a crew pod
  • Fixed a crash where a job was destroyed in combat and a crew member was still assigned to the job
  • Fixed buildings with local storage not increasing storage capacity when upgrading or connecting
  • Fixed newly converted Employees playing the wrong animation when they were done converting
  • Attempted fixes at a handful of very rare, one off crashes
  • Fixed auto-currency setting causing fractional resource creation
  • Fixed relay and pylon radii not being displayed when in preconstruction/under construction
  • Fixed some over-aggressive fail-safes causing problems
  • Fixed some Citizens never going into buildings when Call to Arms or a Rebel attack occurred
  • Fixed the lighting and godrays not playing nicely with our new day/night cycle
  • Fixed some more z-fighting instances on scaffolding and various buildings
  • Fixed a bad animation state on ships when a device was dismantled while an Employee was working at the device
  • Fixed stuttering snow and other weather conditions
  • Fixed ship UI elements being displayed in photo mode (they are now correctly hidden)
  • Fixed floor tiles with resources but no pickup jobs active incorrectly adding extra jobs when a building was upgraded
  • Fixed trucks not being used when a connected smokestack’s ‘primary’ tile was not connected to the road
  • Fixed billboards not showing up on some road tiles
  • Fixed godray colliding with the ground in an ugly way
  • Minor fixes to some assets to improve their look
  • Fixed pollution data not being displayed over ruins with jobs, buildings that are burrowing or repairing
  • Fixed ship being unable to land in some circumstances
  • Fixed a case where an Employee would pick up resources from the wrong floor if in a building with multiple floors
  • Fixed a couple of pathing issues