Patch 0.11.0

Released: 6th April 2021

Update 10: New Horizons


  • NIGHT LIGHT, NIGHT BRIGHT: Beautifully updated day/night cycle.
  • PUT A RING ON IT: You’re going to love the new skybox in Photo Mode.
  • AUTO-CURRENCY: Automatically selects resource tiers for construction.
  • ROCK SOLID: New tiles and structures now generate on maps.
  • TAKING A SHORTCUT: Employees and Citizens can now walk diagonally.

Industries of Titan is in Early Access, which means we are actively updating and adding new content based on our roadmap and your wonderful feedback. See the full patch notes below.

**NOTE** There is a known problem where an animation does not end correctly, which can cause employees to get stuck after completing the destruction of rocks or mining a resource patch to completion. This problem can be resolved by saving and reloading you game. We plan to have a hotfix out for this soon!

Changes as of 0.11.0

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

Night Light, Night Bright

  • 🪐 In the past we’ve received quite a bit of feedback that the day and night cycles are not visually obvious, so we’ve taken the opportunity to really brighten up our lighting and make things pop! Look forward to bright, glowing cities at night, some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, and a more dynamic difference between day and night on Titan!
    • We’re hoping, in addition to just being very pretty, this will help with cementing the Citizen schedules (work, leisure and sleep cycles)
    • We’re also still in the middle of adding accessibility and graphics settings for the new lighting. Please let us know how it performs on your machines/what you would like to see changed!

Up In the Sky! It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No, it’s… Saturn?!

  • Excited to take new photos of your city during different times of day? Don’t forget to tilt that camera up too – we’ve added skyboxes to Photo Mode for more exciting skyline shots!


  • Changed the emissive property of processors to indicate which resources are being processed
  • 🪐 Changed the appearance of the Processor, Input, Output and Waste modules to be clearer. Added ‘Time Left’ text to progress bars
  • Added information about waste generated to Processor tooltips


  • We’ve added an Auto-Select option for building – this will allow you to use multiple tiers towards constructing buildings and devices. The game will choose the most cost-effective combination of tiers to pay for your new construction

You’re Never Bugging Us!

  • 🪐 In light of the pretty serious storage discrepancies we’ve been hearing about, we’ve added a ‘resolve discrepancies’ button to the bug reporter. If you suspect you have a storage problem, simply open the bug reporter via the pause menu or the button in the upper right HUD to find the ‘resolve discrepancies’ button. Please send your save data and a bug report before doing so! The information we get from those reports is what helps us solve the problem, so we really would appreciate your reports regardless. Thank you!

I Know a Shortcut

  • Changed how the pathing of both Employees and Citizens works! Both can now take diagonals and walk across the middle of tiles, which speeds up their movement from point A to point B considerably
  • CTRL+C can now be used to copy blueprints of devices that have been placed, so that more can be placed

No More Cliffhangers

  • We’ve updated our Map Generation code!
    • Maps now have a nice border instead of just cutting off abruptly
    • New structures such as Big Sinkholes, Mountains, Large Rocks, and more now generate on maps
  • Continuing to balance map-gen parameters


  • 🪐 Made a small adjustment to game tick to hopefully alleviate frame-dropping when it occurs
  • 🪐 Did some restructuring that hopefully improves the stability and performance of the game

Building Adjustments

  • No credits to unlock that turret you really need? No sweat! Buildings all now have a flat unlock rate of 5 Red Artifacts
  • The Command Center is now unlocked by default
  • Transport Hub must be online for Truck construction to take place. If your Hub loses power while you’re building a truck, you have to wait until it’s powered again for the construction to complete
  • 🪐 Dismantling an Energy-consuming building now stops the building from from consuming energy as soon as the dismantle is queued, instead of when the Employee arrives and begins the dismantle

Ships Changes

  • 🪐 Ships can now launch even if they have resources on the floor. Those resources will be teleported to a temporary storage located in your shipyard until they can be stored elsewhere
  • 🪐 Added an extra confirmation step to self destructing ships to prevent accidental explosions
  • Lowered all ship costs by 20%

The Little Guys

  • 🪐 Lowered the salary rate increases by each additional Employee by 25%
  • Reduced amount of starting workers back to 8
  • Changed the number of Employees supported by the HQ to be 12 / 18 / 24
  • 🪐 Removed the ‘no Citizen assigned’ flag from Monetization Stations and Habitat Pods as it was misleading

Waste Not, Want Not

  • 🪐 Added a ‘Waste Generated per Day’ to the Citizen Management panel
  • Waste module now shows a ‘full’ warning flag when full
  • Reduced the waste of destroyed buildings by 90%

Industrial Re-pollution

  • Updated the pollution overlay to have a new colour for Industrial Fans and Air Purifiers (they were previously displayed as polluting)
  • Reduced pollution damage to citizens by 50%
  • Trucks now pollute 33% less
  • Optimized how pollution and xethane spreads to slightly improve performance
  • Xethane emission rates reduced by 33%

What’s On The Menu?

  • 🪐 Rearranged all our settings menus so that they are easier to read, more accessible, and free of duplicate settings and double negatives
  • Added ‘report bug’ to the pause menu
  • 🪐 Pressing enter after changing the name of a manual save now automatically confirms the save
  • Added “Recommended” text to the Low-Risk Land Grant in New Game creation to guide new players
  • Added Photo Mode to the pause menu

You Can’t Spell Industries without UI

  • Lots of small adjustments to UI to make it more readable
  • 🪐 Resource icon popups under the HUD when gaining or using resources now also indicate the Tier of resource gained/used
  • Updated the floor selection UI in buildings
  • Increased the size of the preview models in the Shipyard Hull Selection screen


  • Changed the Territory Overlay look by removing the blue fill for better visibility
  • Made some adjustments to the Energy Overlay to make it easier to read
  • 🪐 Adjusted the brightness of the territory and command overlays to improve visibility

Nice Weather Today, Eh?

  • Added an extra weather indicator to the time of day widget
  • 🪐 Changed weather so that even if visual effects are disabled for visibility/performance issues, the simulation effects are still applied (Employees walk slower in snow, pollution is reduced during rain)

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Trying something out – we’ve renamed the “Industrial Outlet” to the “Energy Bridge” to communicate that it relays Energy from City to Building and Building to City – let us know how that feels!
  • Added a bunch of lovely SFX!

Fixes as of 0.11.0

  • Many, many fixes to our new features
  • 🪐 Fixed the priority drag and drop widget refocusing OBS if using Window Capture
  • 🪐 Fixed buildings disappearing and downgrading if a shipyard was built at a specific rotation and location, and then the game was saved and loaded
  • 🪐 Fixed turning buildings on and off causing energy storage to increase or decrease incorrectly
  • Adjusted many building meshes to prevent clipping with construction scaffolding when connecting buildings
  • Fixed dismantling a crew pod with an Employee inside, in a game with more crew pods than Employees, and all Employees assigned to crew pods, causing some unexpected behaviour
  • Fixed tile selection being saved but not the UI panel (now no selection loads at all)
  • 🪐 Fixed camera’s ‘starting position’ being reset on load, causing city bounds to be offset if the game was saved while camera was not centered on the HQ
  • Fixed crate not disappearing when the last resource was picked up from a resource patch
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when loading due to a delivery failing to load
  • Fixed cancelling a road construction while scaffolding was going down wasn’t refreshing roads correctly, causing incorrect assets to appear
  • Fixed names of destroyed buildings scaling incorrectly
  • Lots of small adjustments to UI to make localization efforts smoother
  • Fixed crew pod reflective material being too reflective
  • Fixed generators in a disabled factory still appearing to consume fuel in the UI
  • Fixed waste being allowed to generate inside an under construction device if the construction was placed on top of waste to begin with
  • Fixed the flag filters not working correctly
  • Fixed Energy Overlay not displaying the radius for pylons and relays that were still holograms or under construction
  • Fixed manually disabled buildings that still had Energy incorrectly displaying the ‘no energy’ flag
  • Fixed appearance of dismantle tooltip on rocks
  • 🪐 Fixed allowing hotkey to spam enable/disable on Energy devices
  • Fixed storage jobs being cancelled when the source storage is destroyed and an Employee is already carrying the resources
  • Fixed Citizen meshes not updating correctly when zooming in and out
  • Fixed a storage discrepancy when a storage device finished construction in a disabled factory
  • Fixed resuming a paused device construction while an Employee was still putting away their tool causing the Employee to get stuck in the job
  • Fixed pausing and resuming a device construction while the game was paused queuing multiple delivery jobs, which could cause Employees to be incorrectly assigned to a job and get stuck
  • Fixed tooltip wording on connected buildings
  • Some small memory usage optimization changes (preventing a specific case of memory overuse)
  • Fixed Employees sometimes getting stuck underneath a shipyard when placed on top of them
  • Fixed Industrial Fan showing up as a source of pollution in the pollution overlay
  • Fixed resource patch harvest VFX missing a material on load
  • Fixed continue tooltip still not showing most recent save
  • Fixed the Employee Management tab to always show city when in the city, and always show current ship when in a ship
  • 🪐 Fixed CTRL+C not working with devices anymore
  • Fixed flickering flags on ruins
  • Fixed energy overlay displaying in the background of the shipyard
  • Fixed Processors not completely highlighting when moused over
  • Fixed time played not going over 100 hours
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a building was destroyed as the player was entering it
  • Fixed a crash caused by dismantling a device under repair in the shipyard
  • Fixed trucks getting stuck on the road if a job was paused and then cancelled before the truck arrived, and then the game was saved and loaded
  • Fixed some storage jobs being lost in a handful of very specific cases
  • Fixed Employees getting stuck if a resource patch was mined to completion
  • Fixed Employees not being unassigned from jobs correctly in some cases
  • Fixed Energy Overlay travelling between floors in a building incorrectly
  • Fixed a failsafe creating extra storage jobs for resources that were being stored already
  • Fixed the supported Employees total to be calculated every change instead of based on a number that sometimes didn’t update correctly
  • Fixed Ship priority list not being auto-selected when inside a ship, and fixed it not going back to city when exiting ship
  • Fixed a storage discrepancy caused by building large devices on the second floor of a building
  • Fixed issues when pausing and cancelling construction
  • Fixed disabling and enabling a Medical Pod causing Crew to go idle on ships if they were trying to use the pod
  • Fixed resource jobs not cancelling correctly when a job was cancelled, causing slowdown and frozen Employees
  • Fixed some buildings not connecting because of the way the pathing was edited to prevent Employees from walking through construction sites – they will walk through construction sites now, but it’s a minor visual issue instead of a gameplay breaking problem
  • Fixed Employees not moving off of open air when they finished construction on a road
  • Fixed missing delivery jobs on old saves files, and prevented them from happening in the first place
  • Fixed Employee state not being cleared correctly when unassigning them from a building, causing all sorts of issues
  • Fixed construction jobs getting Employees incorrectly being assigned to the job twice
  • Fixed ships not being allowed to dismantle correctly if a dismantle was started and then the shipyard was disabled
  • Fixed a wide variety of problems related to failed deliveries by changing the way the job system handles failures
  • Fixed net worth being multiplied incorrectly
  • Fixed device cancel job not completely cancelling if no Employee was already doing the job
  • Fixed quite a few one-off crashes, added checks to prevent other instances
  • Fixed jobs not being started correctly in certain cases
  • Fixed jobs getting stuck in the queue and added checks to figure out the source
  • Fixed a crash occurring in the shipyard
  • Fixed bad states caused by resource patches mining to empty
  • Fixed Employee getting stuck when cancelling certain upgrades
  • Fixed a bug preventing the full upgrade of Spaceport and Council building storages (they now upgrade to 100 and 60 storage space respectively)
  • Fixed Transport Hub never completing its animation, causing it to be stuck in construction forever
  • Fixed ruins contents not being tied to the seed correctly, causing different ruins each time the same seed was loaded
  • Fixed shadows being cast on all in-game UI (not visible, but caused poorer performance)
  • Fixed some issues with Turrets not updating their state on load
  • Fixed wide lines on in-game UI in buildings
  • Fixed hotkeys not playing UI sounds
  • Fixed SFX not playing correctly or causing issues (various fixes to a bunch of different UI elements)
  • Fixed jobs getting lost if the game was paused while a job was paused/resumed
  • Temp fix for a crash that occurred when dismantling a crew pod
  • Fixed a crash where a job was destroyed in combat and a crew member was still assigned to the job
  • Fixed buildings with local storage not increasing storage capacity when upgrading or connecting
  • Fixed newly converted Employees playing the wrong animation when they were done converting
  • Attempted fixes at a handful of very rare, one off crashes
  • Fixed relay and pylon radii not being displayed when in preconstruction/under construction
  • Fixed some over-aggressive fail-safes causing problems
  • Fixed some more z-fighting instances on scaffolding and various buildings
  • Fixed a bad animation state on ships when a device was dismantled while an Employee was working at the device
  • Fixed stuttering snow and other weather conditions
  • Fixed ship UI elements being displayed in photo mode (they are now correctly hidden)
  • Fixed floor tiles with resources but no pickup jobs active incorrectly adding extra jobs when a building was upgraded
  • Fixed trucks not being used when a connected smokestack’s ‘primary’ tile was not connected to the road
  • Fixed billboards not showing up on some road tiles
  • Minor fixes to some assets to improve their look
  • Fixed ship being unable to land in some circumstances
  • Fixed a case where an Employee would pick up resources from the wrong floor if in a building with multiple floors