Patch 0.11.1

Released: 8th April 2021

EDIT April 14, 2021:

  • Made an optimization to the performance drop between 6pm and 8pm. The issue has not been completely removed but performs significantly better than previously!

PLEASE NOTE: We are aware that there are a few very strange issues currently in build:

  • Performance issue that occurs between 6pm and 8pm in-game time
  • Overlays with huge and sometimes bright/flashing artifacts

We have identified a possible cause for the performance issue and are still working on a fix that unfortunately did not make it for the end of the week – if we are able to fix it soon, we will patch the game again next week.

We are also currently investigating the strange overlay artifacts and looking for a possible fix.

Thank you so much for your patience with these issues!

Changes as of 0.11.1

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

  • Reduced the glitch effects on the ship hull models in Shipyard when selecting a hull to build
  • ? Added auto-currency setting to saves (so that it doesn’t need to be set each time)
  • ? Added the amount of storage increase to the buttons in the Council and Spaceport
  • Doubled the amount of time required to burn a single waste
  • Xethane overlay is now turned on when placing a fuel turbine
  • Rocks now have an increased chance at containing Resources and Artifacts instead of just Waste
  • Updated the roadmap!

Fixes as of 0.11.1

  • Fixed a bug in photo mode causing strange artifacts on the skybox
  • Fixed the blank screen inbetween main menu launch sequence and loading screen
  • Fixed the Energy Overlay not being dismissed correctly when placing energy devices
  • Fixed visual flickering issues on some more assets
  • Fixed offset overlay when selecting the Large Relay
  • Fixed a crash when emptying a resource patch
  • Fixed animation not exiting correctly, causing Employees to be stuck on Resource Patches and Rocks
  • Fixed Energy Plants all displaying the ‘not enough fuel’ flag if only one of them did not have enough fuel
  • Fixed a UI tooltip being out of position on some map tiles
  • Fixed icons missing on Lv2 and 3 Destroyed Rebel Camps
  • Fixed an incorrect arrow in a Connection tooltip
  • Fixed “City” being displayed when inside the shipyard instead of “Shipyard”
  • Fixed an infinite delivery loop that could result in a crash