Patch 0.11.3

Released: 27th April 2021

Changes as of 0.11.3

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

Take the fight to the enemy!

  • ? Ships can now explore Fog of War
  • Rebels can now claim and dismantle rock tiles, claim mineral and isotope tiles, and “jump” over most other non-buildable tiles to build on the other side

New Game Mode: Timed Contract

  • In Timed Contracts, you have 7 Titan Days to achieve the highest net worth possible
  • Added Leaderboards for Timed Contract Mode

High Achiever

  • Added Achievements
  • Hit F3 + shift in the game to bring up the Epic overlay and see the full list of achievements. Make sure you’re signed into your account!

More Lore and Tutorial

  • Added more tutorial steps including some to explain resource refinement
  • Updated Codex with more entries

The Rich Get Richer

  • ? Maximum credits stored increased to 500K
  • ? Increased maximum spaceport storage to 200

Better Warnings

  • Added resource mismatch notification: when the game detects a discrepancy, a warning now appears in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  • ? Improved warning/error flags for processors and modules to be more consistent

Discard to Dismantle!

  • ? Added “discard” button to factory modules if you want to discard resources in order to dismantle

New Settings

  • ? Added support for AZERTY and QWERTZ keyboards
  • Added 30/60/unlimited FPS cap in graphics settings
  • Added support for switching the monitor the game is displayed on in settings

Fixes as of 0.11.3

  • Fixed a crash when dismantling a factory with citizens inside
  • Fixed an issue where drones would continue mining a depleted resource patch if it was depleted while the player was in interior view
  • Storage crates now appear properly after connecting 2 storage buildings
  • Centered Auto Currency button at the bottom of the screen
  • When the player claims a rebel tile, the game now ends any combat between player ships and that tile
  • Fixed auto currency not defaulting to being enabled
  • Fixed “T” shortcut (prioritize) not working in shipyard
  • Small fix to minimap colors
  • Fixed overlay legends overlapping the minimap on interior views
  • Fixed bugs with custom location selection not using the values from the custom location
  • Fixed citizens and employees pathing between end crevices not always working when next to another end crevice
  • Added a failsafe for crashes caused by quitting to main menu
  • Fixed ship bridge “arrows” missing after leaving and reentering shipyard
  • Fixed text wrapping on ruin artifacts
  • Fixed tutorial requiring the player to build both a large and small fuel fab
  • Citizen health now shows when they are working in workstations
  • Fixed pause overlay on superwidescreens
  • Fixed photo viewer not displaying screenshots correctly in photo mode
  • Fixed photo viewer not filling the screen on superwidescreen
  • Fixed “copy” keyboard shortcut not working in shipyard
  • Fixed an issue on Command Centers and HQ where “Repair All” button status could break the tooltip on “Repair” button
  • Fixed HUD resource amounts missing icons when in auto-resource mode
  • Fixed an issue where employees would not construct a ship in a second shipyard if queued right after constructing the first
  • Made a fix to population death animations causing population to not disappear after dying
  • Game now prevents employees conversion if all available population is dead
  • Fixed enemy turret health bars not showing up
  • Fixed an issue where survey flags were showing up on already surveyed ruins
  • Fixed ship outlines not appearing when ships are selected or hovered over
  • Fixed employees walking to the “origin” of a storage container before storing