Patch 0.12.0

Released: 4th May 2021



  • FOG OF WAR: Ships can now explore the Fog of War!
  • TIMING MATTERS: Undertake a new challenge -Timed Contract mode.
  • HIGH ACHIEVER: Added achievements and leaderboards.
  • MORE TUTORIAL: Added more tutorial steps!
  • DISMANTLE: Easier dismantling options.

Industries of Titan is in Early Access, which means we are actively updating and adding new content based on our roadmap and your wonderful feedback. You can expect the next Titan Tuesday update on June 1st, 2021. See the full patch notes below.

Changes as of 0.12.0

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

Take the fight to the enemy!

  • 🪐 Ships can now explore Fog of War
  • Rebels can now claim and dismantle rock tiles, claim mineral and isotope tiles, and “jump” over most other non-buildable tiles to build on the other side
  • New combat engagement stuff: 
    • True Targeting: right-click on an enemy ship or building to directly target it
    • Player ships can no longer attack buildings while under attack from a Rebel ship
    • You no longer have to disengage and re-engage with ships in order to switch targets
    • You can now tell which building is under attack in Combat View

New Game Mode: Timed Contract

  • In Timed Contracts, you have 7 Titan Days to achieve the highest net worth possible
  • Added Leaderboards for Timed Contract Mode
  • Timed Contract is only available on Hardcore Mode
    • Your score in Timed Contract will be submitted to the leaderboards

High Achiever

  • Added Achievements
  • Hit F3 + shift in the game to bring up the Epic overlay and see the full list of achievements. Make sure you’re signed into your account!

More Lore and Tutorial

  • Added more tutorial steps including some to explain resource refinement
  • Updated Codex with more entries
  • More voices! (Alexa and Sciaro)

The Rich Get Richer

  • 🪐 Maximum credits stored increased to 1 million
  • 🪐 Increased maximum spaceport storage to 200
  • Rocks now have an increased chance at containing Resources and Artifacts instead of just Waste

Better Warnings

  • Added resource mismatch notification: when the game detects a discrepancy, a warning now appears in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  • 🪐 Improved warning/error flags for processors and modules to be more consistent

Discard to Dismantle!

  • 🪐 Added “discard” button to factory modules if you want to discard resources in order to dismantle
  • It is now possible to cancel device dismantles

New Settings

  • 🪐 Added support for AZERTY and QWERTZ keyboards
  • Added 30/60/unlimited FPS cap in graphics settings
  • Added support for switching the monitor the game is displayed on in settings
  • Disabled tutorials on Hardcore Mode
  • Added “Movie Quality” setting for cutscene playback resolution

Other Miscellaneous Tweaks

  • Reduced the glitch effects on the ship hull models in Shipyard when selecting a hull to build
  • Added auto-currency setting to saves (so that it doesn’t need to be set each time)
  • Doubled the amount of time required to burn a single waste
  • Xethane overlay is now turned on when placing a fuel turbine

Fixes as of 0.12.0

  • Fixed a crash on tutorial step 12 if the player was already in the HQ
  • Fixed Employee pay timer being reset after saving and loading
  • Made an optimization to the performance drop between 6pm and 8pm. The issue has not been completely removed but performs significantly better than previously!
  • Fixed job priorities not respecting the order they were created
  • Tentative fix to stutter on residential buildings and habitat pods
  • Various fixes to edge cases on the tutorial, missing autocomplete
  • Fixed net worth and other corp details on game over screen in Zen mode
  • Game over is now triggered when all valid storage is lost without the HQ being destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where some Rebel camp variants were not appearing properly in-game
  • Fixed naming on Rebel ships
  • Fixed z-fighting on various buildings scaffolds including HQ upgrades
  • Fixed a missing animation on crew pod construction
  • Fixed monitor on Employee Module not lighting up when an employee enters
  • Fixed Rebel Turrets not rotating after saving and loading
  • Fixed ship combat lines being the wrong colour after loading
  • Fixed an issue where targeting a Rebel over a player shipyard would cause the player ship to land
  • Fixed scrolling not always working on Employee Management
  • Fixed and updated ship outlines to be red for Rebels and blue for player
  • Fixed a crash when dismantling a factory with citizens inside
  • Fixed an issue where drones would continue mining a depleted resource patch if it was depleted while the player was in interior view
  • Storage crates now appear properly after connecting 2 storage buildings
  • Centered Auto Currency button at the bottom of the screen
  • When the player claims a rebel tile, the game now ends any combat between player ships and that tile
  • Fixed auto currency not defaulting to being enabled
  • Fixed “T” shortcut (prioritize) not working in shipyard
  • Small fix to minimap colors
  • Fixed overlay legends overlapping the minimap on interior views
  • Fixed bugs with custom location selection not using the values from the custom location
  • Fixed citizens and employees pathing between end crevices not always working when next to another end crevice
  • Added a failsafe for crashes caused by quitting to main menu
  • Fixed ship bridge “arrows” missing after leaving and reentering shipyard
  • Fixed text wrapping on ruin artifacts
  • Fixed tutorial requiring the player to build both a large and small fuel fab
  • Citizen health now shows when they are working in workstations
  • Fixed pause overlay on super-widescreen display
  • Fixed photo viewer not displaying screenshots correctly in photo mode
  • Fixed photo viewer not filling the screen on super-widescreen
  • Fixed “copy” keyboard shortcut not working in shipyard
  • Fixed an issue on Command Centers and HQ where “Repair All” button status could break the tooltip on “Repair” button
  • Fixed HUD resource amounts missing icons when in auto-resource mode
  • Fixed an issue where employees would not construct a ship in a second shipyard if queued right after constructing the first
  • Made a fix to population death animations causing population to not disappear after dying
  • Game now prevents employees conversion if all available population is dead
  • Fixed enemy turret health bars not showing up
  • Fixed an issue where survey flags were showing up on already surveyed ruins
  • Fixed ship outlines not appearing when ships are selected or hovered over
  • Fixed employees walking to the “origin” of a storage container before storing
  • Fixed a bug in photo mode causing strange artifacts on the skybox
  • Fixed the blank screen inbetween main menu launch sequence and loading screen
  • Fixed the Energy Overlay not being dismissed correctly when placing energy devices
  • Fixed visual flickering issues on some more assets
  • Fixed offset overlay when selecting the Large Relay
  • Fixed a crash when emptying a resource patch
  • Fixed animation not exiting correctly, causing Employees to be stuck on Resource Patches and Rocks
  • Fixed Energy Plants all displaying the ‘not enough fuel’ flag if only one of them did not have enough fuel
  • Fixed a UI tooltip being out of position on some map tiles
  • Fixed icons missing on Lv2 and 3 Destroyed Rebel Camps
  • Fixed an incorrect arrow in a Connection tooltip
  • Fixed “City” being displayed when inside the shipyard instead of “Shipyard”
  • Fixed an infinite delivery loop that could result in a crash

And for those playing in Experimental…

  • Fixed credits not being generated on Offices and Monetization Stations
    • Fixed a crash on the game over screen when losing
  • Fixed discrepancy warning appearing briefly when starting any new game
  • Added “jump to today” button on leaderboards
  • Fixed an issue where tutorials would not resume if disabled and re-enabled
  • Changed Timed Contract running out to a Victory
  • Fixed missing market cap score when ending a Survival mode game
  • Added dialog to game over screens