Patch 0.12.2

Released: 21st May 2021

Changes as of 0.12.2

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

Threat Level Detected

  • Rebel attacks are slightly changed – there is now a Rebel Threat Meter underneath your Remaining Camp count, letting you know you’re getting close to aggravating a Rebel Attack
  • We’ve also rebalanced and adjusted the frequency and wait periods for different parts of the Rebel Attacks as well as their difficulty – let us know what you think!
  • Discovered and resolved something in UI that was causing performance issues (both over the course of gameplay due to entering and exiting buildings, and at 6pm-8pm due to shadows being rendered on objects that did not require them)
    • Please let us know if performance has improved! We are really excited about this fix.

Gotta Go Fast

  • The more Engines you build inside a ship, the faster the ship will go (up to a certain point!)
  • Generators on ships no longer require Employees to operate them

Back on the Grid

  • Improved our Grid HUD visuals to prevent confusion (now displays ‘Grid # of #’, flashes when changed)
  • Slightly increased the radius of all Energy Relays
  • Made some visual adjustments to existing overlays and day/night cycle lighting
  • Buildings now display a red hologram if they can’t be placed on a tile, as well as change cursors when invalid/valid placement
  • ? Combined the Territory and Command overlays into a singular overlay! 
  • ? The Territory overlay stays active when placing new buildings, even if the building has an overlay assigned to it already (playing Pylons or Fuel Turbines for example)

Here’s a Piece of Advice

  • Advisor system has gotten an overhaul, please let us know what you think!
  • Also revised the linear Tutorial!
  • Continued adding VO for tutorial and advisors

Game Modes

  • Timed Contract mode is no longer available for older builds – it’s only active for the most current version fo the game
  • Gave our New Game mode selection a makeover to improve UX and visuals
  • Added a new ‘Auto-detect Settings’ button in the graphics settings menu. This should automatically choose the most performant settings for your computer

Minimap Makeover

  • ? Visual indicator is now responsive to the camera’s zoom level
  • ? Can be dragged to adjust the camera
  • ? Can now be clicked to move the camera to different areas of the map!
  • ? Added a legend for the new colours

Tip Off the Old Block (Text and Tooltip Updates)

  • Added Transport Hub fuel storage status to the global Fuel HUD tooltip
  • Added some text to clarify building and device functions
  • New flavour text for unique map tiles (mountains, big ruins etc)
  • Added a copy button to devices to copy their blueprints 

Employee Appreciation Day

  • Adjusted the way Employees on ships are displayed in the Employee Management tab for better clarity
  • Added preventative measures for Employees who get stuck inside devices

Dismantling Devices

  • Game now prevents connection and upgrade of factories if there are devices undergoing dismantle inside (to prevent crashes)
  • Changed dismantle on ships to allow dismantle even when resources or Employees were still on board

Balance changes

  • Employee Salaries are deducted at the end of the work day (4pm) instead of at midnight
  • Buildings now cost a flat 1000 credits to unlock, instead of artifacts
  • Unlocking the Spaceport now costs 3 artifacts
  • Unlocking the Council Trading costs artifacts instead of credits
  • Smokestack costs 100 minerals, up from 50 
  • Shipyard costs 200 minerals, up from 150 and 4 isotopes, down from 9
  • Storage Facility has 2x more storage capacity 
  • Storage Facility costs 25 minerals, down from 50 and 2 isotopes, down from 4
  • Industrial Fan costs 200 minerals, up from 150
  • Road costs 20 minerals, down from 25
  • Adjusted influence costs for claiming Rebel buildings
  • Repair costs 10 credits per 1 HP, down from 20 per 1HP

Fixes as of 0.12.2

  • Big performance fix (see changes section, and let us know if it’s working!)
  • Fixed Employees in Ships taking a salary even though it was not listed in UI (we now don’t pay them at all. After all, they’re not technically ON Titan, right?)
  • Fixed Council donations taking up storage from the Spaceport, preventing ship purchases even though in UI it appeared there was enough room for resources
  • Fixed a bug that was actually causing the descriptions of some devices to be cut off, leading to incorrect information in tooltips
  • Fixed a handful of one off crashes
  • Fixed some incorrect text saying that Employees were required for Monetization Stations (Citizens are required, not Employees)
  • Fixed orange highlight on mouse-over not being displayed on devices built on a ship after saving and loading
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts for assigning/unassigning Employees not displaying correctly
  • Fixed Citizens healing from pollution damage if their residence was powered off or disabled
  • Fixed some overlapping map tiles in some seeds
  • Fixed Employees getting stuck in dismantle animation if saved just as dismantle completed
  • Fixed newly built devices not displaying materials correctly
  • Fixed citizens being assigned to the same job twice
  • Fixed audio issue when dismantling all devices inside a factory would play a dismantle sound for every device
  • Fixed an issue where if a save occurred right as a truck was picking up resources, trucks could be stuck in building entrances
  • Fixed thumbnails being wrong on some Rebel buildings
  • Fixed building lights flickering on load
  • Fixed player ship selection being cancelled when a rebel turret finished construction
  • Fixed rich text being used for leaderboards
  • Fixed a storage discrepancy caused by cancelling an inprogress upgrade while some resources were already at the site
  • Fixed Employees inside buildings being biased towards walking if heading to a job that had a set end point (ruins actions, supplying smokestack etc)
  • Fixed trucks not choosing the closest tile when planning a route
  • Additional fixes and refactors to the job processing cleanup to prevent bugs
  • Fixed input module incorrectly displaying a full flag if a resource was discarded at any point during processing
  • Fixed not all Full Time jobs being listed as such in the UI