Patch 0.13.0

Released: 1st June 2021


A message from the design team

Hello Founders. This update reverts a recent change to unlocking buildings with Artifacts that was recently added during Early Access. Because it may confuse some players why we implemented a change only to change it back, I felt like it would be best to discuss some of our plans going forward for Credits and Artifacts.

The original system of unlocking buildings required Credits, and the cost to unlock buildings increased over time. Once we added Salary, we started getting reports that unlocking buildings was too difficult. We addressed this issue by changing unlock costs of buildings to Artifacts, which proved to be quite popular because many players were also finding themselves with excess Artifacts and wanted a purpose for them.

Unlocking buildings is going to go back to Credits for now, but they will no longer increase in cost for each unlocked building, which should make them easier to unlock.

Regarding excess Artifacts, Artifacts contain technologies from an Ancient Civilization. In future updates, Artifacts will be used at a new scientific building to discover possible technological unlocks. This will be Titan’s version of a Tech Tree.

Artifacts will still retain their functionality as currency for the Council in special cases because the Council has their own needs for them.

Thanks for joining us on this Early Access journey, and I hope you continue to give us feedback as we make improvements to the game through the course of development.

Andy Nguyen


  • AHEAD OF THE GAME: New Rebel Threat Meter and UI
  • GOTTA GO FAST: Ships speed is affected by the number of engines built.
  • DID YOU HEAR THAT? Advisor system overhaul with new VO!
  • MINIMAP MAKEOVER: More minimap functionality!

Changes as of 0.13.0

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

Threat Level Detected

  • Rebel attacks are slightly changed – there is now a Rebel Threat Meter underneath your Remaining Camp count, letting you know you’re getting close to aggravating a Rebel Attack
  • Shows how many waves of Rebel attack you’ve survived
  • We’ve also rebalanced and adjusted the frequency and wait periods for different parts of the Rebel Attacks as well as their difficulty – let us know what you think!
  • Discovered and resolved something in UI that was causing performance issues (both over the course of gameplay due to entering and exiting buildings, and at 6pm-8pm due to shadows being rendered on objects that did not require them)
    • Please let us know if performance has improved! We are really excited about this fix.
  • Influence maximum can now be increased by destroying or dismantling a Rebel HQ

Gotta Go Fast

  • The more Engines you build inside a ship, the faster the ship will go (up to a certain point!)
  • Generators on ships no longer require Employees to operate them
  • Player ships will always attack enemy ships if in range – no targeting necessary!
  • Employees and Ship crew now have separate tabs, so that you always know exactly where your Employees are
  • Added new UI for ship destination selection

Back on the Grid

  • Improved our Grid HUD visuals to prevent confusion (now displays ‘Grid # of #’, flashes when changed)
  • Slightly increased the radius of all Energy Relays
  • Made some visual adjustments to existing overlays and day/night cycle lighting
  • Buildings now display a red hologram if they can’t be placed on a tile, as well as change cursors when invalid/valid placement
  • 🪐 Combined the Territory and Command overlays into a singular overlay! 
  • 🪐 The Territory overlay stays active when placing new buildings, even if the building has an overlay assigned to it already (playing Pylons or Fuel Turbines for example)

Here’s a Piece of Advice

  • Advisor system has gotten an overhaul, please let us know what you think!
  • Also revised the linear Tutorial!
  • Continued adding VO for tutorial and advisors

Game Modes

  • Timed Contract mode is no longer available for older builds – it’s only active for the most current version fo the game
  • Gave our New Game mode selection a makeover to improve UX and visuals
  • Added a new ‘Auto-detect Settings’ button in the graphics settings menu. This should automatically choose the most performant settings for your computer

Minimap Makeover

  • 🪐 Visual indicator is now responsive to the camera’s zoom level
  • 🪐 Can be dragged to adjust the camera
  • 🪐 Can now be clicked to move the camera to different areas of the map!
  • 🪐 Added a legend for the new colours

Tip Off the Old Block (Text and Tooltip Updates)

  • Added Transport Hub fuel storage status to the global Fuel HUD tooltip
  • Added some text to clarify building and device functions
  • New flavour text for unique map tiles (mountains, big ruins etc)
  • Added a copy button to devices to copy their blueprints 

Employee Appreciation Day

  • Adjusted the way Employees on ships are displayed in the Employee Management tab for better clarity
  • Added preventative measures for Employees who get stuck inside devices

Dismantling Devices

  • Game now prevents connection and upgrade of factories if there are devices undergoing dismantle inside (to prevent crashes)
  • Changed dismantle on ships to allow dismantle even when resources or Employees were still on board


  • 🪐 Added support to change keybindings for the Build Menu shortcuts in City View
  • 🪐 Increased support in the hopes of preventing stuttery cutscenes – please let us know if you’ve noticed an improvement!
  • Moved our Dyslexic font setting to the Accessibility tab in the settings menu
  • Adjusted the contrast of day and night cycle (daytime is less bright, nighttime is less dark)
  • We now display the roadmap the first time you start the game, and then again every subsequent Titan Tuesday

Better Indicators

  • Modules now indicate if their connection to a processor is valid by turning the *plug icon* Green or Red
  • Device hologram colour is now blue when valid instead of green, to match buildings
  • A ‘No Employee’ warning flag is displayed on Resource Patches that have no Employee assigned

Balance changes

  • Employee Salaries are deducted at the end of the work day (4pm) instead of at midnight
  • Buildings now cost a flat 1000 credits to unlock, instead of artifacts
  • Unlocking the Spaceport now costs 3 artifacts
  • Unlocking the Council Trading costs artifacts instead of credits
  • Smokestack costs 100 minerals, up from 50 
  • Shipyard costs 200 minerals, up from 150 and 4 isotopes, down from 9
  • Storage Facility has 2x more storage capacity 
  • Storage Facility costs 25 minerals, down from 50 and 2 isotopes, down from 4
  • Industrial Fan costs 200 minerals, up from 150
  • Road costs 20 minerals, down from 25
  • Adjusted influence costs for claiming Rebel buildings
  • Repair costs 10 credits per 1 HP, down from 20 per 1HP
  • Default ship speed is decreased by 25%
  • Reduced reload time of Rebel Turrets
  • Starting influence is now 100 instead of 300
  • Destroying Rebel HQ will provide influence and increase influence cap
  • Rebel ships no longer provide influence when killed
  • Influence gain reduced by 10%
  • Increased the speed rebel shipyard is built and HQ is upgraded.
  • The Fuel Silo building’s explosion damage has been doubled
  • Truck pollution has been reduced by 50%
  • Purifier Buildings have had their pollution reduction amount doubled
  • Increased time between Rebel attack waves after the first attack. Attack begins immediately after meter hits 0
  • Initial HQ supports 20% less workers
  • HQ Upgrade cost increased by 50%
  • Conversion Center supported workers and power requirement reduced by 25%

Fixes as of 0.13.0

  • Lots of fixes and balancing to our new features!
  • Big performance fix (see changes section, and let us know if it’s working!)
  • Fixed Employees in Ships taking a salary even though it was not listed in UI (we now don’t pay them at all. After all, they’re not technically ON Titan, right?)
  • Fixed Council donations taking up storage from the Spaceport, preventing ship purchases even though in UI it appeared there was enough room for resources
  • Fixed a bug that was actually causing the descriptions of some devices to be cut off, leading to incorrect information in tooltips
  • Fixed a handful of one off crashes
  • Fixed some incorrect text saying that Employees were required for Monetization Stations (Citizens are required, not Employees)
  • Fixed orange highlight on mouse-over not being displayed on devices built on a ship after saving and loading
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts for assigning/unassigning Employees not displaying correctly
  • Fixed Citizens healing from pollution damage if their residence was powered off or disabled
  • Fixed some overlapping map tiles in some seeds
  • Fixed Employees getting stuck in dismantle animation if saved just as dismantle completed
  • Fixed newly built devices not displaying materials correctly
  • Fixed citizens being assigned to the same job twice
  • Fixed audio issue when dismantling all devices inside a factory would play a dismantle sound for every device
  • Fixed an issue where if a save occurred right as a truck was picking up resources, trucks could be stuck in building entrances
  • Fixed thumbnails being wrong on some Rebel buildings
  • Fixed building lights flickering on load
  • Fixed player ship selection being cancelled when a rebel turret finished construction
  • Fixed rich text being used for leaderboards
  • Fixed a storage discrepancy caused by cancelling an inprogress upgrade while some resources were already at the site
  • Fixed Employees inside buildings being biased towards walking if heading to a job that had a set end point (ruins actions, supplying smokestack etc)
  • Fixed trucks not choosing the closest tile when planning a route
  • Additional fixes and refactors to the job processing cleanup to prevent bugs
  • Fixed input module incorrectly displaying a full flag if a resource was discarded at any point during processing
  • Fixed not all Full Time jobs being listed as such in the UI
  • Fixed ship boarding jobs getting missed in the queue (they are now always the highest priority)
  • Fixed Energy Plant appearing powered on incorrectly after connecting if no Employee was assigned
  • Fixed some characters not being allowed in save file names
  • Fixed building holograms defaulting to the origin tile of any map tile larger than 1×1
  • Fixed some tutorial steps not completing
  • Fixed skybox visible for a few seconds when loading
  • Fixed some storage discrepancy instances
  • Minimap overlay no longer visible in shipyard view
  • Alt-tabbing no longer removes frame rate limit
  • Temp jobs can no longer go into the negatives
  • Fixed shipyard construction prioritization not prioritizing ALL clean up jobs, only those on the ‘origin’ tile
  • Fixed VFX and SFX triggering when Rebels claimed tiles during expansion
  • Fixed workers not deprioritizing resource move jobs when the prioritized construction job on the parent tile is canceled
  • Fixed Shield range now correctly displays when placing shield devices in ships
  • Fixed output module’s Conveyor belt now rotates in the correct direction
  • Fixed Command Center not displaying its radius when placing
  • Progress bar will automatically update when building demolition starts
  • Canceling an energy pylon in the middle of construction will now correctly remove it’s footprint from the power overlay

And, if you’re coming from Experimental, here are some specific fixes for you:

  • Fixed Rebel attack waves triggering constantly after a certain number of waves
  • Fixed loading causing rebel attack waves to spike