Patch 0.13.1

Released: 3rd June 2021

PLEASE NOTE: if a game is saved while an Advisor Dialog is open, loading the game and then scrolling through the Advisors will cause a crash. We are working on a fix but it is more complicated than anticipated!

Additionally, the game can accidentally become capped to 10 fps on occasion. This is not actually a performance issue but a settings conflict.

    • To fix this slowdown issue, go into settings and set the limit back to 60 fps
    • You can also try deleting your settings folder and relaunching the game (this will undo all your settings so use it as a last resort!

Changes as of 0.13.1

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

  • Ship UI tab now shows how many Employees are on ships instead of how many ships owned
  • Removed the Advanced Xethane overlay
    • Since it used to rely on the Advanced Xethane overlay, the “Feeling Gassy” Achievement requirements changed to “Build a Fabricator that pulls Xethane from at least three crevices or sinkholes”
  • Selected resource tier is now highlighted in the HUD tooltip
  • Max influence is now displayed in the Council window
  • Pressing the Tab key will not automatically swap the player out of Auto-Currency mode, to prevent accidentally changing your resource usage (you have to use the checkbox at the bottom of the screen)
  • Fixed clicking on the ready to launch icon when there is a ship docked in the shipyard will no longer break the “Launch Ship” button

Fixes as of 0.13.1

  • Fixed long text pushing UI elements off the screen
  • Fixed influence popup no longer triggered when Rebels claim tiles
  • Fixed energy overlay not turning on when placing all energy buildings except pylons
  • Fixes to the Advisor System
  • Fixed crew health not properly displayed when ship is docked
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when clicking on a Warning flag (on Resource Patches)
  • Fixed Energy Plant being allowed to turn on when there was no fuel present if an Employee was assigned
  • Fixed Employees and Citizens getting stuck if their path was blocked by devices, causing incomplete conversions and construction jobs