Patch 0.14.0

Released: 21st June 2021

Hey everyone! Industries of Titan is OUT NOW on Steam!

Starting at 10AM PST, we’ll be streaming on our Steam page and giving away $100 Steam gift card every 10 minutes, so come hang out!

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Changes as of 0.14.0

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

  • Official translations are now available! See the list below:
    • German
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Polish
    • Brazilian Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Turkish
    • Cantonese
    • Mandarin
  • Added a ton of new VO
  • Added a new flag to Offices and Residential buildings to indicate that they are not within range of either housing or jobs
  • Added extra flair to the Energy Overlay to display which devices or buildings are connected via relay
  • Updates and bugfixes to tutorial and Advisors system
  • 🪐 Until a ship with citizens is purchased, the first migrant ship lane will always have 4 migrants, to allow easier tutorial completion

Fixes as of 0.14.0

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when mousing over Advisors panel or any video in-game
  • Fixed multiple issues with Prioritization and Employees being stuck in jobs
  • Fixed tooltips getting stuck on screen
  • Fixed multiple UI overlaps and incorrect information being displayed
  • Fixed fullscreen mode resolution dropdown window always displaying 1280×720
  • Fixed many small UI bugs
  • Fixed many small audio issues
  • Fixed a slowdown issue occuring when multiple shields overlapped in ships
  • Fixed several one-off crashes
  • Fixed enemy ships being visible when in FOW while certain overlays were active
  • Fixed several visual issues with overlays
  • Fixed ship launch getting stuck when launching two ships at the same time while paused
  • Fixed a few instances of trucks disappearing when saving and loading the game