Patch 0.15.0

Released: 6th July 2021

Hey Founders! Since it’s only been a few short weeks that we released on Steam, this isn’t going to be your typical Titan Tuesday update. We’re still working hard on August’s content update, but we’re also focusing on addressing the feedback that we’ve received from you since launch.

Industries of Titan is in Early Access, which means we are actively updating and adding new content based on our roadmap and your wonderful feedback. You can expect the next Titan Tuesday update on August 3rd, 2021 at 11:00AM PST. See the full patch notes below!

Changes as of 0.15.0

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

There’s no Industry without UI

  • We’ve made some changes to our UI to hopefully improve readability and usability! We will be doing a couple of these changes every month going forward.
  • Widescreen, Display Resolution and UI Scaling
    • 🪐 Added 21:9 as a UI clamp ratio for wide-screen users
    • 🪐 Added support for Fullscreen Borderless to display at resolutions other than the native resolution
    • Added better support for multi-monitor resolution lists (should now display resolutions correctly)
    • Moved UI scale to the Accessibility Settings menu
  • Rebels
    • The Rebel Threat meter is now displayed and hidden automatically when going out of/into a ship combat
  • Ships
    • Added docked ship information to the Shipyard UI panel
    • Rearranged Ship UI panel to display the health of the ship without requiring a scroll
    • 🪐 Added a ‘Repair Ship’ button to the Shipyard UI panel
    • Changed order of action buttons on Ship construction panel
  • Xethane and Fuel
    • Added Xethane level to Crack UI panel
    • Changed ‘Xethane Depleted’ flag to an Error instead of a Warning
  • Waste
    • 🪐 Added a Waste Burn Rate property to the Smokestack UI panel
  • Artifacts
    • Moved the Artifacts count in the HUD to be beside Waste instead
  • Auto Currency
    • 🪐 Re-enabled click on HUD to switch resource tiers out of Auto Currency mode and to cycle through tiers
    • You can use Tab and Shift+Tab to cycle through Minerals and Isotope tiers respectively, but the hotkey can’t be used to swap between Auto-Currency and Tiers (to prevent accidental swapping)
  • Employees
    • 🪐 Added a tooltip to the Idle Employee flag to indicate why those Employees are idle
  • Transport Hub
    • Removed a useless stat on the Transport Hub (travel range is limitless)
  • Indoors
    • Removed overlay icons that do not apply from interior view

Just Fuelling Around

  • Fuel Turbines now require an Employee to operate. If you’re loading a save file from before this change, we add Employees to your Turbines on load, so your entire city won’t go offline when you start playing again!

Advisor Reviser

  • 🪐 Updated our Tutorial to more clearly explain how Xethane works
    • We do not have VO for this step for now, so the auto-advance feature will not work and you will have to manually click through to read the tutorial
    • Sorry, we are still waiting on translation for other languages! This will come soon in a hotfix.
  • 🪐 Also allowed players to phone Advisors sooner, to access the Admiral’s Ship building tutorial
  • Adjusted some VO to better match text

The Name Game

  • 🪐 You can now rename any building in the game, not just Factories, HQ, Shipyards and Command Centers

Shield of Approval

  • 🪐 Updated the radius of the automatic shield – it now covers all the tiles it should cover! 

To Map it All Off

  • Removed the fixed rectangle focus and replaced with a dynamic box that scales based on the 4 angles of the camera view
  • 🪐 Prevented the camera box from panning too far off the side of the minimap, to keep players from accidentally edge scrolling to the edges of the map and not realizing what happened

Intro Cinematic

  • 🪐 Added subtitles in English for our Intro Cinematic
    • Sorry, we are still waiting on translation for other languages!
  • 🪐 Added a Cinematic Volume slider to Audio settings
  • Added support to try and solve audio from intro cutscene not being cancelled when players with lower-spec machines were launching the game

General Updates

  • To improve stability we’ve removed the in-game patch notes display in favour of linking to our website. Clicking on the button will now open your browser.
  • Added a link to our newsletter on the main menu
  • Hardcore mode now turns off when you return to the main menu if it was toggled on previously
  • Made some changes to how storage is initialized to improve stability on load
  • Made some readability changes to the main menu and new game menu

Balance, Balance, Balance

  • Some changes to Rebel Camp balance:
    • 🪐 Decreased overall rebel growth rate of cities and ships
    • 🪐 Decreased turret spawn frequency and ensured they do not spawn so close together
    • Rebel camps spawn fewer but stronger ships in late game
    • ? Rebel ship aggression range increased by 33%
    • Destroying rebel buildings increases the threat meter 50% more than previously
    • Rebel ships generated at camps are Defenders more often than Patrollers now
  • Some general balance changes:
    • 🪐 Lowered the difficulty of Hard and Titan by 25%
    • Increased the effect of influence gain on the Rebel Threat Meter by 25%
    • 🪐 Increased capacity of the Medium and Large Storage Containers by 33%
    • Increased the effect of credits gain on the Rebel Threat Meter very slightly
  • 🪐 Several changes were made to the Pacing of Combat In order to make tactical decisions have more strategic depth.  In general, the average duration of tactical combat has been doubled.
    • Buildings all have about 50% more HP
    • ? Doubled all Ship HP for player and Rebels
    • Decreased Ship repair costs to account for doubled HP
    • Crew on ships now take twice as long to suffocate to death
    • Adjusted explosion damage of ship hulls to be based on the new HP levels
    • Ship repairs are now 2x faster as a result of more HP
    • Burrow duration is doubled to account for longer combat duration
    • Rebel turret DPS for Level 2 and Level 3 has been reduced by 20%

Fixes as of 0.15.0

  • Fixed being able to drag and drop the ‘drag jobs here’ box in an empty folder
  • Fixed a handful of rare crashes
  • Fixed Employee modules not appearing connected when re-entering a building
  • Fixed Corp Icon defaulting to ‘Corp Icon’ after a save and load inside HQ
  • 🪐 Fixed Steam Leaderboards not being displayed in-game, though the scores were still being recorded
  • 🪐 Fixed French-Canadian and Swiss-French users being shown the AZERTY layout
  • 🪐 Fixed weapon hotkeys 1 thru 4 in ship combat not selecting weapons correctly
  • Fixed an issue with double-clicking on a warning flag on a building to enter the building causing camera issues when returning to City View
  • Fixed some keyboard shortcuts not being displayed correctly
  • 🪐 Fixed ‘City’ not being centered in the top tab of the HUD
  • Fixed energy overlay not being updated when a Pylon was disabled
  • Fixed trucks being invisible after cancelling an upgrade on Transportation Hub
  • Fixed max ship speed not being displayed correctly on Ship UI panels
  • Fixed Shipyard not being displayed as unplaceable if hovered over tiles the player didn’t have enough influence to purchase
  • Fixed Employees getting stuck in shipyard when trying to pick up resources from a dismantled ship. This fix is backwards compatible!
  • Attempted fixes at a handful of unreproduced crashes
  • Fixed road network not refreshing correctly when a building finished connecting or upgrading, causing issues with truck access to newly connected/upgraded building
  • Fixed repair animation in shipyards triggering early if the game was loaded after the job had been queued
  • Fixed some code running at save instead of only at load, causing a few issues
  • 🪐 Fixed the playtime achievement unlocking based on simulation time, not actual playtime
  • 🪐 Fixed the ‘launch your only ship while under attack’ achievement unlocking when the player had more than 1 ship available
  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed ship facing the opposite direction in city view vs shipyard when launching
  • Fixed the ship repair job not being set correctly
  • Fixed not being able to select the building to connect to if connecting via hotkey
  • Fixed some characters defaulting to missing glyphs instead of the backup font
  • 🪐 Fixed Energy Plant not being visually re-enabled correctly after changing state (upgrade, connection, disabled)
  • Fixed some strings not translating correctly
  • 🪐 Fixed Advisor tutorial step not completing correctly
  • Fixed cracks not generating Xethane after loading a game
  • Fixed claiming Rebel HQ costing more influence than the cap could be expanded to