Patch 0.17.2
Released 23 Sep 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.17.1
Released 09 Sep 21 - HOTFIX
Patch 0.17.0
Released 07 Sep 21 - TITAN TUESDAY
Patch 0.16.4
Released 02 Sep 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.16.3
Released 26 Aug 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.16.2
Released 19 Aug 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.16.1
Released 05 Aug 21 - HOTFIX
Patch 0.16.0
Released 03 Aug 21 - TITAN TUESDAY
Patch 0.15.3
Released 29 Jul 21 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.15.2
Released 26 Jul 21 - EXPERIMENTAL

Patch 0.15.3

Released: 29th July 2021

Changes as of 0.15.3

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

  • ? Framerate now defaults to 60fps instead of unlimited for new players, to improve performance. If you are having trouble maintaining a steady framerate consider changing your frame limit setting in Options.
  • Halved the amount of Xethane filtered by Inert Purifiers
  • Added some information about Inert Ruins to our Codex! 
  • Added localizations for some of our new features
    • There are still a couple lines that are not translated – these will be translated next month!

Fixes as of 0.15.3

  • Fixed a slowdown issue that occurred when changing currency tiers or storing resources in a Storage Facility that was selected and displaying it’s UI panel
  • Fixed devices never being repaired if a Crew member died while assigned to repair that device
  • Fixed relay arcs being displayed on the enemy ship and never being dismissed if the Energy Overlay was viewed in Combat View
  • Fixed Life Support UI flickering on and off in some circumstances
  • Made a low risk fix to the freeze when placing Command Centers in truck-accessible tiles in very big cities with huge transportation networks. While this doesn’t resolve the issue completely it should significantly decrease the length of the freeze
  • Fixed some instances of unlocalized strings not defaulting to English