Patch 0.16.0

Released: 3rd August 2021

Update 13: Recipe for Ruin


INERT RUINS: Some ruins can now be activated for various functions
SHIP BLUEPRINTS: Save and load layouts for your ships
NEW LOCATIONS: Two new map locations are available to play
PIECE OF ADVICE: Moved the Advisors Panel to the top left for easier access
and more!

Industries of Titan is in Early Access, which means we are actively updating and adding new content based on our roadmap and your wonderful feedback. You can expect the next Titan Tuesday update on September 7th, 2021. See the full patch notes below!

Changes as of 0.16.0

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

Insert Inert Ruins

  • Some ruins, when surveyed, will now reveal functions apart from just containing Resources and Artifacts. For now, you can discover ruins that store Energy or Fuel or act as an Air Filter to remove pollution and Xethane (and sometimes a mix of two, if you’re lucky maybe even all three!) for your city
  • Once activated by spending Artifacts to research them, they will act like other buildings in your city. However, they cannot burrow
  • Even once activated, you can still salvage them for their original resource contents, but any artifacts they once contained are used up on activation
  • Inert Ruins will also do far more damage when destroyed by Rebels, so it’s wise to plan your city carefully around these useful but volatile structures

🪐 Ship Blueprints

  • UI is in the bottom left of the Shipyard View
  • From here you can save, apply and overwrite blueprints
  • Blueprints are saved on a per user basis, so no matter how many cities you start, you’ll be able to use the same blueprint every single time
  • Up to 5 blueprints per ship hull can be saved

Explorers of Titan

  • Two new map locations are now available to play!
    • Tranquil Trailblazing – more lakes, less Rebel camps, low Xethane and lots of rain
    • Chemical Enterprise – no lakes, lots of Xethane and Rebel camps, and no weather conditions
  • We’ve also added some colour overlays to all locations to give them more distinct identities and added specific weather conditions to some existing maps

Piece of Advice

  • We’ve moved the Advisors Panel to the top left next to all the other Management panels so that it’s easier to find and more accessible – remember you can access all kinds of extra gameplay tips and tricks by calling your Advisors, so give it a try!
  • Moved a gameplay tip from the Advisor system to the Linear Tutorial to better explain Job Priorities

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

  • Added a new flag to indicate that all your Employees are assigned to fulltime jobs or dedicated to a Job Category, to better communicate why no Employees are available to do other work
    • Unfortunately we will have to wait to localize the contents of this tooltip!

Filters are Friends

  • 🪐 Changed the UI panel of Storage Facilities and Containers – the filter settings are no longer hidden behind a button and are now instead listed on the UI panel

Fuel Up

  • Refactored some fuel storage code
    • Fuel stored in the Transport Hub can now also be used to power your Energy Plants if need be
    • Fuel from your Silos will also be used to fill your Transport Hub if need be

Red vs Blue (Polished up our Combat VFX!)

  • Player ships fire blue lasers instead of red lasers to help differentiate between shots
  • Combat view targeting reticles got a makeover and now display different colours depending on if they are being placed, charging or firing

Dismantle it All!

  • Moved the Dismantle All and Dismantle Mode UI to the bottom of the device list in Buildings and Shipyard


  • Framerate now defaults to 60fps instead of unlimited for new players, to improve performance. If you are having trouble maintaining a steady framerate consider changing your frame limit setting in Options.
  • Updated the Codex

Fixes as of 0.16.0

  • Fixed device dismantle tooltip displaying the returned resources in tier 1, regardless of which tier was used to build the device
  • Fixed being unable to dock in a shipyard if there were more than two shipyards present and the player had the maximum number of ships allowed
  • Fixed destroying a Rock bigger than 1×1 after a save and load causing a hole in the map
  • Fixed an exploit allowing ships to target buildings from across the map
  • Fixed launch button not updating its visual state when selecting the shipyard after exiting 
  • Fixed device UI changing to ‘dismantling’ if a dismantle was selected before selecting a construction
  • Fixed a crash occurring when a dismantle was ongoing in one shipyard and a construction was queued in a second shipyard
  • Fixed being allowed to build more than the max amount of ships
  • Fixed rebel claims and surveys leaving icons behind
  • Fixed ultra-wide monitors not showing their correct native resolutions in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed ship employee management panel not being closed when right clicking to dismiss
  • Fixed some more achievements triggering incorrectly
  • Fixed Rebel Turrets being allowed to attack player ships that were inside shipyards if they were within range
  • Fixed devices never being repaired if a Crew member died while assigned to repair that device
  • Fixed relay arcs being displayed on the enemy ship and never being dismissed if the Energy Overlay was viewed in Combat View
  • Fixed Life Support UI flickering on and off in some circumstances
  • Made a low risk fix to the freeze when placing Command Centers in truck-accessible tiles in very big cities with huge transportation networks. While this doesn’t resolve the issue completely it should significantly decrease the length of the freeze