Patch 0.16.2

Released: 19th August 2021

Changes as of 0.16.2

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

Artifact Anomalies

  • Anomalies function very similar to resource patches – by researching them, you can gain more artifacts than you would usually find in a Ruin!
  • You can assign an Employee to harvest the artifacts from the Anomaly. They will instantly be added to your HUD as they are harvested

Obsidian Ruins

  • These Ruins contain higher tier resources than normal Ruins. If you’ve been slow to get started on your resource processing, snagging one of these will net you some tier II or III resources quickly and painlessly. They’re a bit pricier to claim, however.

Monument Center

  • You can now build a special Monument Center on top of any Monument that you’ve claimed
  • As long as this building is online and fully staffed, your influence cap will be permanently increased

Large Ruins Functionality

  • You can now survey, salvage and extract Large Ruins
  • They contain significantly more resources and artifacts than regular Ruins

Device List 2.0

  • We’ve been wanting to update the device list look and UX for some time. Now, all devices are in Categories that can be expanded and closed at will. We also have much bigger thumbnails so players have a better idea of what the devices look like before placement.
  • Please let us know what you think!

New Inert Ruin Type

  • Vision-increasing Ruin – activating this ruin will enable you to see into the Fog of War, helping you plan your expansion. You’ll still need to build Command Centers to claim new territory.
  • Added overlay activation to Inert Ruins – selecting a battery or fuel Inert Ruin will now display the correct overlay

Watch out – there’s a new Rebel Leader on the map!

  • Szoren Gorak is leader of the Breakers, an organization of Rebels loosely affiliated with the Cobra Rebels (led by Bahar). He, too, despises the Council and their ways, and is a master of persuasion in getting others to join his cause.
  • You can read more about Szoren in the Codex!
  • The Rebel Leader you’re dealing with is randomized each new game


  • Removed the Fuel Used stat from Transport Hub as it was not adding value to gameplay
  • 🪐 Added extra UI to locked hulls to make it more obvious that they are locked
  • 🪐 Added a button for ‘open directory’ to Photo Mode
  • Did a pass on all button tooltips to make sure they displayed their hotkey correctly. If you’ve been hoping for a specific hotkey to be added to the game make sure you check out the settings – we have quite a few there already!
  • We’ve changed the way Tutorials work – they are now per game instead of in settings.

Fixes as of 0.16.2

  • Fixed trucks getting stuck when bringing Employees to the shipyard if they were going to build a ship (this is not a retroactive fix, sorry!)
    • Some visual issues still occur
  • Fixed Full flag not being displayed if a resource was completely filtered out of storage
  • Fixed ships waiting for Crew forever if an Employee died on the way to the crew pod
  • Fixed Timed Contract mode not working correctly on Epic
  • Fixed jukebox defaulting to automatic when reloading a game
  • Fixed music volume not resetting its state when moving from Shipyard to another building via the shortcut menu
  • Fixed speaker portrait not returning to the correct character if going back to the previous speaker during a two-character dialog
  • Fixed a handful of crashes
  • Fixed cancel shortcut not working until the right tile of a device was selected
  • Fixed duplicate descriptions of Osprey and Heron ships
  • Fixed devices disabled due to waste incorrectly showing a ‘not enough energy’ flag
  • Fixed zoom/minimap UI elements displaying over Citizen panel
  • Fixed some instances of wording not being consistent between UI elements
  • Fixed some overflowing UI in certain buttons
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with draining battery flags
  • Fixed jukebox not playing music in Manual mode
  • Fixed Employees getting stuck in their walking animations when pausing and resuming device construction or dismantle jobs
  • Fixed crew not getting unassigned from a ship correctly if their next job was to become crew on a different ship
  • Fixed enable/disable shortcut not working on buildings outside of command range
  • Fixed some missing strings
  • Fixed max influence not updating correctly until the game was unpaused after loading
  • Fixed ugly text resizing in build menu
  • Fixed tooltip in HUD disappearing if you clicked on credits
  • Fixed being unable to select a new grid from the HUD if any tile was selected in the city
  • Fixed repair button remaining highlighted after a building was fully repaired
  • Fixed Spaceport displaying ‘not enough storage’ incorrectly (should have displayed ‘not enough living space’)
  • Fixed progress bar on resource patch appearing empty on load
  • Fixed checkbox SFX triggering incorrectly on load
  • Fixed rebel attacks not shooting in a straight line occasionally
  • Fixed some incorrect triggers in tutorial
  • Fixed turret range VFX not disappearing if selecting a building that triggers an overlay
  • Fixed camera getting stuck when clicking on minimap and entering a building at the same time
  • Fixed jobs not being cancelled when Crew were unassigned from a ship while repairing a device or healing themselves