Patch 0.16.3

Released: 26th August 2021

Changes as of 0.16.3

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

Balance Changes

  • Player starting area will always contain a level 1 and level 2 obsidian ruin
  • Adjusted the range and cost of Radar Ruins

UI Updates

  • Rebel ships will now display target ship’s name instead of hull name
  • 🪐 Device menu will now remember which categories you had expanded
  • 🪐 A button has been added to the pause menu to disable the easter egg after it has been triggered

Fixes as of 0.16.3

  • Fixed camera becoming misaligned with the map border after exiting a building interior on the edge of the map
  • Fixed battery and vision ruins not always showing VFX
  • Fixed not all variants of Level 2 and 3 ruins spawning during mapgen
  • Fixed redundant “Salvage” button displaying on destroyed rebel buildings
  • Fixed device health not displaying on docked ships
  • Fixed some Inert Ruins VFX not playing correctly
  • Fixed using dashes around letters will no longer turn them into an em-dash
  • Fixed discover section of ruins will now refresh when surveying completes and ruin is selected