Patch 0.17.2

Released: 23rd September 2021

Changes as of 0.17.2

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

New Feature: Tech Tree

  • Randomly generated at the start of each new game
  • Unlock new research options with artifacts
  • Each new bridge unlocked reveals more of the tech tree
  • 29 unique techs to discover (with more to come!)
  • Tech can unlock stat boosts, buildings and devices

New Building: Science Lab

  • Research new technologies in the Science Lab
  • Additional Employees assigned to higher level Science Labs will increase the speed that research is completed
  • Connecting a Science Lab will increase the efficiency of each Employee working inside

New Device: Reinforcement Pillar

  • Can be unlocked from the tech tree
  • Each pillar adds 2 extra HP to the ship it is in

Balance Updates

  • Some buildings, devices and ships are now unlocked through the tech tree (If you have already unlocked any of these in a previous save they will still be available to build when updating to the new patch)
    • Buildings: Air Purifier, Industrial Fan, Council Obelisk
    • Devices: Shields (Regular and automatic), Reinforcement Pillar
    • Ships: Corvus SZ-73, Heron OP-3911, Kestrel KL-299, Caracaras T-64, Kuntur ET-3728 
  • Obsidian ruin influence cost has been reduced
  • Artifact influence cost has been increased
  • Monument Ruin increases influence gained equal to two Council Obelisks
  • Inert ruins spawn more frequently further away from starting area

🪐 Building Blueprints!

  • You asked for it, we delivered! Buildings can now have blueprints that you can save just like with ships!
    • Like with ship blueprints, please note that you will need all your resources up front to be able to use a building blueprint
  • Increased the number of blueprint slots available
  • Influence gain rate is now displayed as a decimal value
  • Codex is now available from the pause menu in-game

Fixes as of 0.17.2

  • Rebel defensive ships can no longer target player ships that are docked in shipyards
  • Command area not properly refreshing after an HQ was upgraded
  • Influence being gained twice when donating minerals or Isotopes to Council
  • Device category in ship view not displaying correctly
  • Smokestacks not showing smoke after loading
  • Removed “Rebuild” button from player owned destroyed rebel buildings
  • Cannot salvage destroyed buildings outside of player’s command area