Patch 0.18.3

Released: 21st October 2021

Changes as of 0.18.3

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

New Advisor in Town!

  • Braxton Daw has arrived on Titan to assist with research and development
  • Can be called from the advisor menu
  • Offers tips for getting started with research on the tech web

New Device: Gatling Gun

  • Three versions, small, medium and large
  • Unlocked from the tech tree
  • Deals more damage than a laser of the same level but less accurate

🪐 Refactored Smokestack and Mine Logic

  • Removed truck slider from UI panel, employees will automatically use trucks when appropriate to pick up and drop off resources at these buildings
  • Many behind the scenes improvements and optimizations

Extreme Weather!

  • Sandstorms will reduce vision range of buildings and ships
  • Snowstorms will also reduce vision ranges of buildings and ships, while also slowing down employee and citizen movement

Two New Inert Ruins

  • Xethane ruins emit xethane gas
  • Pylon ruins allow energy to be relayed through them to power buildings in your city

Employee Panel Update

  • 🪐 Employee panel has an improved breakdown of what types of jobs employees are assigned to

What’s on the Menu?

  • 🪐 Load from pause menu
  • Removed hover over effect from device menu, now always displays device shape

Balance Changes

  • 🪐 Balance: Building repair cost reduced by 50%, ship repair cost reduced by 40%
  • Balance: Rebel aggression reduced overall, providing more time between each attack wave

Fixes as of 0.18.3

  • Resources displayed in blueprints now update in real time
  • Updated medium generator device’s thumbnail
  • Resource patches no longer show an additional resource available after being claimed
  • Camera controls are now visible while viewing the tech web