Patch 0.19.2

Released: 2nd December 2021

Changes as of 0.19.2

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

New Voice Over for Braxton Daw and Aenar Pyr

  • Braxton Daw has found his voice! All lines from this advisor are now fully VO’d!
  • Aynar Pyr has also had their missing VO lines added in

Improved VFX for the Tech Web Scrap action

  • It will now be more clear which bridges will become unlocked after the scrap is complete

Rebel Waves

  • Rebel attack waves will now stop when all rebel camps on the map have been destroyed

Victory Point Tooltips

  • Victory Points now have tooltips when hovered over that provide more information about how to achieve them

Balance Changes

  • Increased victory point requirements
  • Reduced time between rebel waves by 10%
  • Increased Monument Center Isotop cost (36 > 144) and energy requirement (24 > 64) to fit with it becoming a victory condition. Also Increased Health (90 > 180) and Influence per minute gained (4 > 5)
    • Players continuing saves from the previous version that have already built the monument center will want to keep an eye on their energy usage when they resume after this patch
  • Decreased the activation cost of pylon ruins, secondary abilities for all ruins now have a chance to be free

Fixes as of 0.19.2

  • Fixed weapon hotkeys getting unbound when swapping weapons in ships
  • Fixed power plants showing no fuel when no worker is assigned
  • Fixed operator tile not retaining it’s damaged sprite when exiting and entering combat view
  • Fixed employees becoming stuck when a connection job was paused mid way through
  • Fixed Large and Obsidian Ruins having incorrect titles
  • Fixed ability to enter the tech web while in the tech web
  • Fixed a crash caused by building multiple weapons in ships