Patch 0.2.0

Released: 7th July 2020

Update 2: A Fuel’s Errand

Welcome to the second major update of Industries of Titan, Founder. It’s time to enrich your city by building a smarter transportation network using a brand new overlay, extracting valuable xethane gas from the atmosphere to turn into fuel and managing your pollution with Air Purifier buildings. 

We’re trucking along nicely, but it’s all thanks to our lovely community who has been playing and giving us feedback that we are where we are right now!

Patch Highlights:

  • TRANSPORTATION 2.0: Improvements and new transportation features.
  • XETHANE IN THE AIR: Introducing a new fuel mechanic!
  • AIR PURIFIER BUILDING: Clean up your pollution with the new Air Purifier building.
  • RUBBLE, RUBBLE, EVERYWHERE: Destroyed buildings leave a portion of their resources behind as salvageable rubble.
  • *click* PHOTO MODE: You can now take photos of your lovely cities!

Industries of Titan is in Early Access, which means we are actively updating and adding new content based on our roadmap and your wonderful feedback. You can expect the next major update on Tuesday, August 4th. See the full patch notes below!

Changes as of 0.2.0

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

Transportation 2.0 is here! 

  • Transport Hubs now have a radius of control – roads must fall inside the radius for them to be used in a job
  • Transport Hub UI also shows stats related to how often trucks are used, the range of the Transport Hub, and more
  • To help with visualizing, we’ve added a Transportation Overlay that displays the radius of the Hub, which buildings are connected to your Roads, and the flow of traffic on those Roads
  • Transportation overlay is now displayed when selecting the Transport Hub
  • Trucks now require fuel to be used – your Transport Hub will store fuel for Truck use. If you don’t have enough fuel stored, your workers will travel on foot instead of using a Truck. The amount of fuel required depends on the distance the Truck must travel 
  • Trucks now generate pollution when they are used
  • Transport Hubs can now be connected
  • Improved truck pathing! Trucks will now make left turns and in general make smarter decisions
  • Added some basic stats to the Transport Hub UI panel
    • Travel range – describes the range of the Transport Hub
    • Times used – how many times trucks have been used instead of walking
    • Fuel used (min/max) – of all the trips, the amount of fuel used on the shortest and the longest trips made

Speaking of fuel… 

  • We’ve added a entire new mechanic – Xethane
    • Xethane is plentiful on Titan’s surface, and continuously flows out of Sinkholes and Crevices. Fuel Fabricators and Turbines need a steady supply to generate Fuel for your City
      • You can now select both Sinkholes and Crevices to see their Xethane output
    • Xethane overlay exposes the flow of Xethane and shows you hotspots for Xethane generation – place your Fuel buildings in high-Xethane areas to maximize your output
    • The more Xethane on a tile, the higher yield that tile will offer
    • Added a stat “Recent Fuel wasted” to Fuel Turbines and Fabricators, to let you know how much fuel is not going to storage

We can’t talk about the atmosphere without talking about pollution.

  • Clean up your pollution with the new Air Purifier building (if you can afford it)
    • Prevent citizen deaths and clean up the air in a radius that increases with Upgrading and Connecting
    • Strategize your city – the Air Purifier will clean up both Pollution and Xethane, so make sure it’s far from your Fuel Turbines!
  • Added SFX to the Air Purifier
  • We’ve fully overhauled our Pollution code, changing the way it generates, dissipates and spreads
    • We’ve also changed the way the pollution overlay looks! Let us know what you think
  • Pollution overlay is now displayed when selecting the Air Purifier

Rebels, Rubble, and Resources – Oh my!

  • When your Buildings are destroyed by Rebels, they will now turn into “Destroyed Buildings” rather than Empty Plots. These Destroyed Buildings can be salvaged for leftover resources, which lessens the impact of losing your city a bit!
    • You can see what the building used to be before destruction on its UI panel when selected
  • Player owned Rebel tiles now count towards the total net worth of your Corporation, which changes how difficulty scales – the more Rebel Camps you take over, the harder they’ll fight!
  • Added a slider to Mines – you can now choose how many resources can be stored in the Mine local storage before sending an employee to pick them up. If you want to set up a truck route to empty mines, try setting the slider to 5. This way, trucks will make a full delivery to storage instead of delivering one mineral at a time
  • ? You can now claim Empty Plots and Resource Patches while in Building Placement mode if you have enough influence to claim them. Simply select the building you want to place, and then choose an Empty plot you don’t already own Influence will automatically be deducted if you can afford it
    • If you’re placing a Mine and claim a Resource Patch, the Mine will automatically target the patch
    • If a Resource Patch already has an Employee assigned to mine it by hand, targeting with a Mine will automatically remove the Employee and let the Mine target that patch instead
  • Added a flag to indicate that a building or device is not constructing due to excess resources or waste on the construction site, but could not be cleaned up due to storage being full

Music to Our Ears

  • New Danny Baranowsky track: Visions. Give it a listen in your jukebox!

Take snapshots of your majestic city

  • ? Photo mode is here! Screenshots are located in %localappdata%\Titan\Saved\Screenshots. Show off your cool shots in the discord!

We upgraded our game engine from UE 4.22.5 to UE 4.25! 

  • This was necessary to prevent two extremely common crashes that would not be solved otherwise (having to do with WWise and Unreal Engine themselves, could not be fixed on our end without upgrading). This was a lengthy process but worth the time it took. If you are a Windows 7 User, you will have to upgrade to Windows 10 for the time being. This is a free update from Microsoft
  • Made some big changes to the way the game handles disabling and enabling devices and buildings – prevents sound starvation issues and improves stability
  • Some visual changes after upgrading the engine:
    • Main menu visual additions – sun flares, background ships, lens flare
    • Changes to how advertisements are randomized on billboards found on many different devices and buildings (random movement, speed, etc)
    • Moved the location of billboards on some buildings to prevent clipping with scaffolding
    • Ruins display wear and tear, have more variations
    • Energy Depot now displays how full it is (similar to battery and fuel tank/silo)
    • Defensive Turret radius is a little more transparent than before

UI and General Updates

  • We’ve added a new tab to the City Construction panel – Logistics (contains Roads, Transport Hub, and Storage Facility)
  • Added a new loading screen image
  • ? We’ve finally made some changes to the way the game is displayed for widescreen users – you can change to Wide-Screen mode in the Graphics settings. This will prevent the zoomed in look that some people have been struggling with.
  • ? We’ve finally been able to optimize our UI layout to reliably support resolutions as low as 1280×720. There may still be some small bugs here and there, but please let us know what you think! Don’t forget you can adjust the scale of the UI in the settings.
  • ? Added a confirmation for quitting the game/quitting to main menu while in-game
  • ? Added a Disable/Enable switch to the Monument
  • ? When selecting a device or building that is on a different grid, the Grid UI in the HUD will now auto update to display the currently selected grid. This is also an option that can be changed in settings

Balance changes:

  • Trucks are 33% faster
  • Transport Hub range is +1 tile bigger
  • Pollution on death of Rebel ships and Buildings
  • Much lower Pollution damage to Citizens
  • Decreased the capacity of Fuel Tanks and Batteries by 20%
  • Decreased the build time of Roads from 18 seconds to 6 seconds
  • Added an additional two decimals to the amount of Xethane or Fuel in the air when viewing the UI panel of any tile

Fixed Issues

  • Many, many hours of fixes dedicated to getting the game running in Unreal Engine 4.25, as well as many fixes to the new features we’ve added!
  • Fixed upgraded Transport Hubs not being registered correctly, thus preventing use of trucks after upgrade. This change will apply to old saves as well (should retroactively fix them)
  • Fixed tile detection being blocked by flags
  • Fixed Rebel buildings having a Copy button
  • Fixed Mines not depleting Resource Patches correctly
  • Fixed Mine target connector not being refreshed when changing target after a patch ran out of resources
  • Fixed a handful of typos
  • Fixed a storage issue with Smokestack (internal storage was inaccurate)
  • Fixed a materials issue with Mine markers on patches and nodes
  • Fixed Resource Patches becoming locked when connecting a Mine that was mining the patch
  • Fixed Factories being allowed to connect when a device inside was under construction
  • Fixed hotkey reassignment not working for Buildings
  • Fixed Rebel Camps and Next Attack Timer not being set up correctly when loading a game
  • Fixed unburrow visuals not stopping
  • Fixed building outline still being visible in photo mode
  • Fixed overlay not being restored correctly when leaving photo mode
  • Fixed Employee teleporting to the edge of the map if a job was cancelled while they were transitioning from inside a building to driving a truck
  • Fixed UI elements not being removed in photo mode
  • Fixed crash in UI from Transport Hub
  • Fixed a crash in the tutorial manager
  • Fixed issues with overlay appearance
  • Fixed fuel not transferring when upgrading or connecting a building
  • Fixed outlet in a connected factory that isn’t overlapped entirely by a pylon not receiving power from a grid outside
  • Fixed disabled Energy Pylon relaying power incorrectly when a generator came online
  • Fixed LV2 Transport Hub causing a crash if destroyed or upgraded again
  • Fixed local storage of buildings being deleted when upgrading or connected
  • Fixed dismantling a storage device decreasing available storage by too much
  • Fixed dismantling a storage device containing resources inflating the storage space accidentally
  • Fixed being able to cancel or pause a construction when the job was already completed
  • Fixed resources from cancelled upgrade of Conversion Center being incorrectly added to local storage
  • Fixed jobs being cancelled twice when dismantling buildings, causing side-effects like extra waste being added to the HUD
  • Fixed a couple miscellaneous storage issues caused by dismantling storage devices
  • Fixed Employees not being released from construction jobs when paused
  • Fixed road tiles destroyed in an attack not refreshing other road tiles
  • Fixed being able to buy tiles in building placement mode when the player couldn’t actually build on them (tiles containing ruins etc)
  • Possible fixes to about 5 different rare crashes
  • Fixed Ringshine coming in mid song instead of playing an intro
  • Fixed Monetization SFX playing incorrectly
  • Fixed Monument not enabling/disabling correctly
  • Fixed Connected Smokestack being too dark when disabled
  • Fixed Ruins levels not displaying correctly
  • Fixed a super common crash caused by upgrading buildings that contained resources
  • Fixed a crash caused by unassigning an Employee from a Resource Patch while they were mining and then saving and loading
  • Fixed Employees teleporting out of buildings when assigned to certain tasks
  • Fixed storage inside of storage buildings (including Smokestacks and Mines) being broken during the enable/disable change because they were not being ticked like normal devices
  • Fixed resuming device construction from pause when an Employee was not near causing a couple issues like permanently stuck Employees, devices being constructed without an Employee assigned, and Employees standing at the edges of a building to complete construction
  • Fixed Employees teleporting to their next fulltime job assignment if they had been interrupted while moving to a previous fulltime job assignment
  • Fixed a memory clean-up fix from a few versions back not working correctly due to some new code
  • Fixed LV2/3 Mines playing their animations when there was no Employee assigned
  • Fixed some in-world pause flags not being removed when a paused job was cancelled (still exists for dismantle)
  • Fixed grid dropdown in HUD trapping spacebar
  • Fixed ‘set target’ mode not being exited correctly when upgrading, connecting and dismantling a Mine
  • Fixed local storage being deleted if a building with resources stored was dismantled
  • Fixed being able to double enter buildings by clicking on the “storage full” flag while already entering building
  • Fixed resources being incorrectly reserved if a job was cancelled or paused before Employees picked them up from the storage containers
  • Fixed pathing nodes not being cleaned up quickly enough between games, meaning that old pathing still existed, potentially causing a crash
  • Added some checks to prevent a crash
  • Fixed ship outline being visible in Photo Mode
  • Fixed crash when loading a smokestack that had been dismantling
  • Fixed Employee being removed from Air Filter when upgrade completed
  • Fixed “outside command territory” flags not displaying correctly for all buildings
  • Fixed “not enough fuel” flag not displaying on Transport Hub when there was not enough for trucks to travel
  • Fixed storage jobs not always being correctly assigned to Employees, allowing them to be free to complete other tasks (caused trucks to become stuck on the road)
  • Fixed photo mode UI not stretching to fill the screen
  • Fixed XML for Air Purifier construction materials
  • Fixed Energy Relay SFX
  • Fixed Air Purifier not having a thumbnail on its UI panel
  • Fixed stats being lost on Transport Hub when upgraded or connected
  • Fixed overflowing UI on Air Purifier UI panel
  • Fixed getting stuck in Set Target mode when upgrading/dismantling a Mine via hotkey
  • Fixed Monetization Station SFX not playing at the correct times
  • Fixed vertical grey line on devices showing when there was no flag to display
  • Fixed connect tooltip displaying an error message if outside Command Range
  • Fixed alignment with Cutscene Skip and Subtitles in opening cutscene
  • Made some changes to code to avoid crashes caused by incorrect flag cleanup upon deletion
  • Made some changes to UI refresh for stability
  • Made some small tweaks and fixes to Pollution Overlay
  • Fixed Relays, Pylons and Outlets not relaying energy when there was no free energy on the grid
  • Fixed autosave timer running when the game was paused
  • Fixed connected Mine not generating pollution from both tiles
  • Fixed construction starting without an Employee if all construction requirements were met when the building was placed
  • Fixed Transport Hub not displaying trucks from both Hubs if connected
  • Fixed Employees standing in the wrong location when dismantling Roads
  • Fixed a rare crash (thank you for sending your reports!)
  • Attempted fix of another rare crash
  • Fixed unchecking a resource from storage while Employees were removing resources from storage could cause remaining resources to be stuck in storage until unchecked/checked again
  • Fixed cancelling construction not releasing Employees from their jobs
  • Fixed Employees getting stuck in their jobs when a device was placed in an inaccessible location (broke pathing)
  • Fixed pause flag having a shadow
  • Fixed credits tooltip not updating correctly
  • Fixed max capacity of buildings not being correct occasionally
  • Fixed trucks being purchasable if Transport Hub was full and a truck was doing a job
  • Fixed warning flags not being hidden immediately when exiting to main menu
  • Fixed a couple UI overflows on UI panels
  • Fixed yellow grid flashing when selecting Transport Hub for the first time
  • Fixed a crash occurring when dismantling a smokestack with waste inside after loading the game
  • Fixed priority jobs being broken
  • Fixed a couple typos
  • Fixed construction getting stuck in some cases when bringing resources
  • Fixed missing ground tile when saving and loading during the construction of a building
  • Fixed bridge being left behind when dismantling roads
  • Fixed saving the game resetting the priorities of some jobs, resulting in stuck or delayed constructions
  • Fixed device tooltips not showing their hotkeys
  • Fixed lefthand panels overlapping the Overlays UI at the bottom of the screen
  • Fixed conversion center allowing upgrade or connection while a conversion was ongoing