Patch 0.2.10

Released: 27th July 2020

Just as you’re thinking that it should be around that time for another update from the Council, your transmission device crackles. You tap the screen, trying to get it to quiet down. Unusual… maybe it’s time for a replacement?

An unfamiliar face appears.


Changes as of 0.2.10

The Shipyard is finally here! Build ships and launch them to engage in combat with Rebels. Some things to note:

  • This is our first pass at ships – they will gain more depth and function as we continue to work on them! For now you can:
    • Choose what type of ship you want to launch
    • Control your ship’s movement in City View
    • Engage in basic combat with Rebel ships

    Speaking of rebels…

    • You might run into a new face – Rebels will now radio in to tell you they’re about to squash your city!

    Tutorial & Codex Updates

    • We’ve made some changes to the tutorial – it’s slimmed down quite a bit. A large majority of those tutorial items will now be accessible at any time behind the Advisors panel (located near the Jukebox and Bug Reporter buttons). The goal is to have a tutorial system that will detect what you could be doing better in your city, or remind you of things you’ve missed. Please let us know what you think!
    • Read some never-before-seen lore in the Codex! You can access it from the Main Menu.

    Citizen and Employee Death Trackers

    • You can now easily keep track of your Citizens and Employees health with our new Death Notification system – your Citizens will still die, but now you’ll know about it! Maybe you can start addressing your pollution levels a bit faster next time…
    • We’ve improved the look of the transportation overlay to be more useful. Trucks are now highlighted in green while they’re inside Transport Hubs, and are highlighted in orange while driving on the roads
    • Updated our building thumbnails in the City Construction panel: they are all nice and sharp now!

    Some balance changes:

    • Doubled the cost of fuel for Trucks to travel
    • Increased the Influence limit to 500 from 200
    • Increased the strength and cost of Turrets
    • The first pass at ship balance

    Fixes as of 0.2.10

    • Fixed a bunch of bugs on our new features!
    • Made some additional fixes that should improve memory leaks and management of memory in general. Keep letting us know if it’s working or not!
    • Fixed Employees not taking resources out of storage correctly if the storage was on floor 2 and the construction was outside the building (caused a discrepancy)
    • Fixed Employee being permanently assigned to a Connection job if it was cancelled
    • Fixed Employees not going to job site (construction OR Ruins actions) outside of the building they were in if storage was on the second floor (also reserved trucks incorrectly)
    • Fixed some incomplete code for upgrading buildings that was not completely removing the Level 1 version of the building
    • Fixed a handful of crashes that occurred over the weekend

    You can find the full list of known issues here.