Patch 0.2.13

Released: 28th July 2020


Changes as of 0.2.13

Ships and Transport

  • Changed truck fuel consumption to be half of previous revision
  • Transport Hub now refuels at a rate of 20 fuel per second
  • Ship costs are slightly less
  • Added an indication that ships are early access still, and that we’re working on new features for them!

Hey look! Advisor Updates! (edit) oops, due to a build hiccup, these aren’t available yet! We’ll fix it next time.

Xethane, Sinkholes & Crevices

  • Purifier removes less xethane (50% decrease)
  • Crevices and Sinkholes generate less xethane
  • Xethane consumption has been balanced to reduce huge fuel generation when building
  • Fuel Hub storage changes
  • Turbines near Sinkholes/Crevices
  • Added a stat on selection UI for Sinkholes and Crevices to show how much fuel is being output each second

Make sure to dress appropriately!

  • Dynamic weather is here! Experience snow and rain on Titan.

Your actions DO have consequences:

  • Employee and Citizen death notifications are now different colours

Fixes as of 0.2.13

  • Fixed a crash that occurred whenever rebel ships spawned
  • Fixed some issues with Rebel Barks
  • Fixed some Codex bugs and typos
  • Fixed Employees storing resources on the wrong floor when returning from a cancelled construction
  • Fixed duplicate ship appearing when launching a ship
  • Fixed priority list reverting when loading a game that had an adjusted priority list

You can find the full list of known issues here.