Patch 0.2.7

Released: 24th July 2020

You hear a crackling through your transmission device, as if someone is trying to connect. You wait patiently for a few moments, but no one is on the other end. Still… someone patches some notes through to you.

What could this mean?

Changes as of 0.2.7

Engine Upgrade

  • We’ve upgraded our engine yet again to 4.25.2! This was a much smaller upgrade for us, but contains an official half-fix from Epic to better support Windows 7 users. It also (hopefully) improves performance to some degree.

Memory Leaks

  • We have spent a huge chunk of time focusing on identifying memory leaks and areas of code that are not getting cleaned up properly. Please let us know if our changes have helped or hindered performance!

Otherwise, it’s just bug fixes. Stay tuned for new feature testing next week!

  • Note: there are a few fixes that did not make it into this build. For now, please avoid building storage on the second and third floors of buildings. This is what is causing trucks to disappear on you all the time! We will patch that in on Monday hopefully.

Fixes as of 0.2.7

  • Fixed pausing device construction before resources arrived leaving an empty-looking construction site even though resources were present
  • Fixed pausing a device construction not releasing the Employee from their construction job
  • Fixed resources dropped on a ground tile due to job cancellation and storage full not being returned to storage when it became available again (they were never cleaned up)
  • Fixed trucks becoming incorrectly and permanently reserved when an Employee on the second floor was picking up resources from a Mine
  • Fixed a crash in the PowerManagement system
  • Fixed a crash in the Job Management system
  • Fixed Connected buildings not finishing connection and being inoperable after save and load
  • Fixed trucks being unable to transport more than one waste at a time (was due to the fact that waste typically generates one at a time)
  • Fixed device dismantle jobs never resuming if paused
  • Fixed a crash when destroying a rebel-owned building that drops resources on the newly created tile
  • Fixed an issue where loading a game would 100% of the time result in a decrease in framerate, regardless of the contents of the game
  • Fixed pausing and cancelling a construction job causing a storage discrepancy if not all reserved resources had been taken out of storage when job was paused and cancelled
  • Fixed pausing and resuming a construction deleting an extra resource from the HUD

You can find the full list of known issues here.