Patch 0.20.3

Released: 16th December 2021

Changes as of 0.20.3

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

🪐Tech Web Sub Tiers

  • Important techs are weighted so they spawn closer to the center
  • You will need to start a new game for these updates to take effect

New Tech Web Nodes

  • Conversion waste generation reduction
  • Citizen waste generation reduction (two tiers)
  • Burrow cost reduction
  • Migrant ship travel time reduction (two tiers)
  • Employee salary reduction (two tiers)

New Victory Points

  • Total Tiles Claimed
  • Current Trucks
  • Total Ruins Surveyed
  • Current Resource Nodes Mined
  • Current Minerals (CU)
  • Current Isotopes (CU)
  • Current Activated Inert Ruins

Updated Tooltips and Panels

  • Credits and Citizens
    • 🪐Updated the tooltip for credits to more accurately show projected earnings
    • Updated the Credits section of the Citizen Management panel to reflect changes made to the credits tooltip
  • Tech Web
    • Updated research panel so clicking on Discovered Technologies centers the camera on them (only works while in tech web view)
    • The Tech Web icon on the top left of the HUD will display “Ready” when there is no research or scrap action taking place
  • Employees
    • Updated the Employee and Ship Management panels with a toggle to enable/disable editing of priorities
  • Advisors
    • Updated the advisor panel to show what advice they will give when you call them

Miscellaneous Changes

  • 🪐 Save files can now be loaded by double clicking
  • Added headers to the market cap details on the victory screen
  • No longer able to build on damaged floor tiles in ships
  • 🪐 Construction and ruin jobs will now show a flag indicating that there are no available employees to complete the task if there are no free employees
  • 🪐 The time increase for each completed research/scrap task has been reduced by 20%

Fixes as of 0.20.3

  • Fixed an issue with some of Braxton’s tutorial lines not triggering correctly
  • 🪐Fixed an issue with the spaceport storage not have as much storage space as the UI indicated
  • Fixed Xethane overlay legend not having colours updated to match new Xethane colour
  • Fixed command area indicator changing shape when it overlaps a multi-tile object while placing a Command Center 
  • Fixed an issue with ship employees getting stuck with a “Repairing Device” task and no longer moving or operating devices
  • Fixed and issue where a new blueprint could have more characters than a renamed blueprint
  • Fixed an exploit that could allow you to generate infinite artifacts using conversion capsules