Patch 0.21.1

Released: 20th January 2022

Changes as of 0.21.1

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

Career Progression System

  • Track progression between playthroughs
  • Unlock new victory cards for future corporations
  • Codex entries are now unlocked through gameplay
  • Career progress can be reset by deleting “user.usr” file, which can be found in: %localappdata%\Titan\GameData\Career\user.usr

New Victory Cards and Points

  • Cards: Enterprising Employer, Industrial Idealogue
  • Points: Current waste, Current tier 3 Resources, current conversion centers, current offices, current residentials, current factories

New Weather

  • Heavy Fog, decreases turret range and visibility
  • Xethane Emissions, Causes all Xethane emitters to emit more Xethane

Weather Changes

  • Snowstorms and Sandstorms now reduce turret range by one, no longer decrease visibility
  • Improved rain effects
  • Puddles now form on the ground and rooftops during rain

New Rebel ship layouts

  • The Freedom K1 has received some new interior layouts, be on the lookout for these when engaging with rebel forces!

🪐 Added New In-Game Notifications for Certain Events

  • Weather condition starting
  • Victory point gained/revoked
  • Building/device complete
  • Building upgrade/connection complete
  • Ship hull complete
  • Salaries paid/failed to pay salaries
  • Corporate goal achieved/revoked
  • Migrant ship arrives
  • Mine needs a new target
  • Resource patch depleted

Balance Changes

  • Fuel tanks and batteries that are destroyed on ships will be empty after they are fully repaired

Community Suggestions

  • 🪐 Changing fonts will now prompt you to restart the game so that all text changes are applied properly
  • 🪐 Removed “active” column in Prioritized Tasks list, when a prioritized job is taken it will move back to the regular job list until it is complete
  • 🪐 Simplified the credit section of citizen management tab to match the information in the credits tooltip
  • 🪐 Increased the timer for smokestacks on roads requesting waste, reducing the chances of trucks only carrying one waste unit to smoke stacks

Fixes as of 0.21.1

  • When using a text field to change the number of dedicated workers, pressing enter will now correctly remove focus from that text field
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when defeating a rebel ship while being in close proximity to another rebel ship
  • Hovering over the “Repair All” button will now show the cost of that action in a tooltip
  • Fixed resource indicators above surveyed inert ruins not re-appearing if you cancel activating them
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the unlock button for tech bridges to not appear in some situations while the game was paused
  • Fixed an issue with the grid’s energy info not updating correctly when a building that uses power is being upgraded
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the sirens on the shipyard to play indefinitely if you entered and exited a building while a ship was launching
  • Fixed tooltip on pause button for jobs not always displaying the correct information
  • Fixed fuel info not displaying correctly on the left hand panel in combat view
  • Fixed “Automatically show selected grid” option not automatically changing the grid shown when selecting something
  • 🪐 Fixed an issue that would cause Science labs to disappear after being connected