Patch 0.23.2

Released: 24th March 2022

Changes as of 0.23.2

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

New Audio Drop System for Character Lore!

  • While playing, audio logs will randomly drop
  • Logs are stored in the codex under the “Characters” section
  • Provides more insight into the game’s characters and their backgrounds
  • Logs won’t drop if player is idle
  • Logs will begin dropping after completing the tutorial, or immediately if tutorial is disabled
  • All audio can be accessed in the Codex after being unlocked

New Weather Event: Heatwave

  • Heatwaves will make it much easier for buildings to catch fire when they are being damaged
  • Be extra cautious of rebel attacks during heat waves!

Balance Changes

  • 🪐Increased time it takes for fire to spread to other buildings
  • 🪐Added a cooldown to recently extinguished buildings for fire spreading. This will stop fire from immediately spreading to a building that has just been put out

New Options Added to Tech Web

  • Reduced Fire Pollution: Reduces pollution from fires
  • Reduced Fire Growth Rate: Reduces the speed that fire grows
  • Improved Fire Extinguishing: Employees will extinguish fires faster
  • Reduced Fire Damage Over Time: Reduces the damage fire does over time
  • Reduced Building Repair and Extinguishing Cost: Reduces the cost of repairing and extinguishing fires


  • Improved VFX for burning buildings, burning buildings that have an interior view will now also show fire when inside
    • Buildings that are on fire will display a red glow at their base, this should make it easier to notice when a new building has caught fire
  • 🪐Added lighting underneath ships which will make them easier to spot in crowded cities
  • Long custom names on buildings will now clip instead of scaling while in interior view
  • Updated Repair tooltip with a better layout
  • Improved repair tooltip when player has 0 credits
  • Added variants to migrant ships that arrive to deliver citizens and resources. Smaller loads will have smaller ships, while larger loads will have bigger ships
  • Changed warning text from red to yellow
  • Added ingame tooltips for each victory card
  • Changed “Ready” text in the science tab, to a check mark
  • Added a duration bar to the communications window that will display how long the VO portion you are hearing is
  • Improved VFX on fuel devices and buildings
    • It will now be easier to tell at a glance if fuel pumps have low xethane in their area
  • Added even MORE new rebel ship layouts
  • Added a prompt for first time players to make sure the tutorial is enabled
    • Please note, if you are continuing from a previous build this prompt will appear once
  • Tutorial will only be automatically enabled for new players or players who have not completed/disabled the tutorial in the past

Fixes as of 0.23.2

  • Resource patches with mines attached will now display the mining rate
  • Fixed an issue where you could be kicked out of shipyard view if a different shipyard was destroyed
  • Fixed ability to salvage inert ruins that were on fire or being repaired
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if the cancel hotkey was used in the techweb while there was no tech being researched or scrapped
  • Fixed an issue with ship names getting cut-off in some localizations
  • Fixed an issue with ships getting stuck in dismantle state if the employee that was assigned to the job dies on the way
  • Fixed snowstorms not helping extinguish fires
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a black noninteractive screen when entering the tech lab in certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue with ships getting stuck in a dismantle state if they were set to be dismantled immediately after the last device on board was dismantled
  • Fixed an issue with native resolution not always being correctly recognized the first time launching the game
  • Fixed ability to enter a destroyed factory in certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where fuel turbines that didn’t have an employee working inside would appear operational when loading into a save