Patch 0.24.1

Released: 7th April 2022

Hi everyone. We’ve heard your feedback on fire. Thank you for telling us your concerns. One of the pitfalls of Early Access, especially at the cadence we’re updating, is that things can change FAST. We try to stay on top of balance as best as we can, but we also want to give people an opportunity to really try out a new feature before making hasty changes. That said, it’s apparent that there are two states of fire right now: you can extinguish it immediately, or it is completely out of control with no in between, which is obviously not what any of us want.

We’re rolling out this hotfix to balance fire in the meantime, but please know that this is intended as a band-aid solution, and we’re examining how we can re-approach how fire works in general. Thanks for all your feedback as always, and please continue to let us know your candid thoughts!

Changes as of 0.24.1

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!


  • 🪐Reduced repair cost of buildings from 5 credits per HP to 4 for all buildings
  • 🪐Increased the fire intensity required for fire to spread. 
    • This will increase the amount of time it takes for a new fire to start spreading
  • Reduced building repair cost tech effect from -40% to -25% to balance the effect with the overall reduction to repair costs.