Patch 0.25.1

Released: 19th May 2022

Changes as of 0.25.1

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!


  • 🪐Significant performance improvements have been made to many of the game’s systems. This should create a much smoother gameplay experience for players with less powerful computers or very large cities
  • Disabled error logging by default
    • As the game has become more stable we no longer need to constantly log any background errors. This should result in a slight performance increase for players
    • If there are consistent issues in a save file error logging can be enabled from the settings menu before submitting bug reports

Quality of Life Changes

  • 🪐Added Truck Queue
    • Truck production can now be queued, as long as you have the credits you can start queueing trucks in your transport hub once it’s online
  • Holding down the increase or decrease dedicated workers button on the employee management panel will now continuously add or remove dedicated workers
  • Added tooltip to the button for increasing storage space in the spaceport and council hall when the player cannot afford the upgrade
  • Updated the rival selection button

More Fire Quality of Life Updates

  • Added a progress bar to buildings that are on fire
    • This bar will display the current fire intensity on the building and should make it easier to see which buildings need to be extinguished first
  • Added a warning notification when any building catches fire
    • This notification appears similar to the building under attack notification
    • Clicking the notification will center the camera on the first building to catch fire, or return to city view when inside a building
    • The notification will tell you how many buildings are on fire, and the current fire intensity of the first building to catch fire


  • Added VFX to trucks when they get upgraded in the science lab
  • Added VFX to operational air purifiers

Balance Changes

  • Rebel ships have -20/-30/-40 HP for Tier 1/2/3 respectively
  • Rebel ships with Gatling guns are weighted as more difficult and should not show up in earlier waves as often
  • Player ships have -20/-40/-60 HP for Tier 1/2/3 respectively
  • Building construction time is 30% faster for all buildings
  • Increased the time it takes for an extinguished building to reignite

FIXES AS OF 0.25.1

  • Fixed an issue with codex entries that didn’t have a set image displaying the image of the last codex entry selected
  • Fixed an issue that caused the brightness to decrease in city view after leaving combat view
  • Fixed damaged buildings losing damage texture if an upgrade is canceled
  • Fixed livability stat on residential buildings not displaying “Unlivable” when completely full of waste
  • Fixed an issue with the “Discovered Technologies” section of the Tech Web panel not being populated till at least 1 scientist was assigned
  • Fixed new game panel not disappearing after selecting the load option in the main menu
  • Fixed Quill Baas’ name not being localized in the new game menu
  • Fixed advisor call button not always being available in certain situations
  • Fixed incorrect mining rates being shown on isotope nodes targeted by mines after loading the game
  • Fixed saving and loading in shipyards not saving the camera orientation
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause citizens to become “stuck” on the corner of the spaceport while call to arms was active
  • Fixed Rival AI being able to complete some tutorial steps for the player
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Rival AI’s power grid to be visible in the fog of war when the power overlay was on
  • Fixed an issue that could allow ships to instantly dock in shipyards from anywhere on the map
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Sciaro’s third tutorial step to not complete if the ruin selected was an un-activated inert ruin
  • Fixed an issue where the Rival AI could unlock achievements for the player
  • Fixed the newsletter signup not accepting capital letters in email addresses
  • Fixed inability to unlock Quill Baas’ codex entry
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some employees to get stuck after using “Dismantle All” on a ship
  • Fixed an issue where buildings that were being upgraded were still visible and selectable through the fog of war when command range was lost