Patch 0.26.2

Released: 30th June 2022

Changes and New Features

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

  • Higher tier Victory points can now be accessed as long as one point in the tier below is achieved, no longer needs to be adjacent
  • Simplified tooltips for some of the buttons in the top bar when the function is not unlocked yet
  • Added localization of new features
  • Updated icons for most of the victory points


  • Xethane is no longer moved by wind
  • All building health increased by 10-15%
  • Increased starting influence from 20 > 50
  • Increased passive influence gain rate by 25%
  • Decreased amount of extra waste added from “Human Resources” Starting Bonus from 300% > 200%


  • Fixed game over screen in Survival/Zen mode
  • Fixed tooltip for No Free Employees not displaying numbers if there are no employees
  • Fixed fire warning sound effect playing each time a building was extinguished if other buildings were on fire
  • Fixed an issue with dismantled devices appearing incorrectly when saving/loading in the middle of the process
  • Fixed an issue with health and fire intensity bars not immediately appearing on buildings when loading into a paused game
  • Fixed an issue where resource patches had a brief period where they could be set for dismantle while having 0 resources
  • Devices construct 3x faster
  • Reduced build, upgrade and connection times for all buildings
  • Ruin actions are 20% faster