Patch 0.27.3

Released: 2nd August 2022

Changes and New Features

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

  • Rivals 2.0
    • Your Rival will now start building shipyards and ships to help defend their city
    • You can freely attack your rival’s city now with your own ships
    • Your rival’s defense ships will intercept ships that attack their buildings
    • Destroying the Rival’s HQ will allow you to spend influence to acquiring their buildings and tiles that are within your command area
    • Buildings you acquire from a defeated rival will become part of your city
    • Any resources, citizens or employees inside an acquired building (or on an acquired tile) will also belong to your corporation
  • Victory points will no longer repeat in the same row
  • Tooltip for game length in the main menu will now display without opening the dropdown
  • Made the header text in the science panel more distinct
  • Advisor button will now display a chat icon if there are pending chats
  • The mining tube that goes between a mine and a node will now move slower as the node quality decreases
  • Adjusted the Victory and Game Over menus to fit better with the new Victory Contracts
  • Moved the “subtract from queue” button on the transport hub to the left side of the selection panel
  • Moved the “Confirm” button when selecting a destination in a new game to be in line with the rest of confirmation buttons
  • Added a tooltip to Research Efficiency in the science tab that explains the effects of research efficiency


  • The Rival AI starts the game with a defense ship
  • Reduced passive influence gain by 10%
  • Increased the vision range of tier 1 ships by one, decreased the vision range of tier 3 ships by one
  • Increased the unlock cost of the Shipyard from 1000 > 5000 credits


  • Fixed some rebel hulls not having thumbnails set
  • Fixed Industrial Fan VFX not always displaying when fully zoomed out
  • Fixed fuel fabricator devices still displaying some VFX when disabled
  • Fixed attack and fire warning banners being hidden while in combat view
  • Fixed plus and minus signs not always displaying for the energy and fuel displays
  • Fixed “No Free Employees” flag displaying when building a device if every employee is dedicated to the “construct device” job
  • Fixed power shield VFX still displaying if all crew pods were removed from a ship
  • Fixed employees attempting to operate disabled employee modules if they were disabled while the game was paused in some situations
  • Fixed rename button not saving the changed name if the cursor was not moved before clicking it again
  • Fixed an issue where a building could temporarily end up in the wrong category in the full time jobs list
  • Fixed dust trails on ruins not matching wind direction for a while after canceling or completing a survey action on them