Patch 0.3.5

Released: 21st August 2020

Oh, uh, also the person who usually tidies up the notes is out today, so they’re a little less organized than they usually are… Hope that’s not a problem for you, Founder.

Changes as of 0.3.5

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

  • Ever wonder what’s going on inside your ships while you’re fighting off Rebels? Wonder no longer: you can finally take a peek inside with the Tactical View to start strategizing, both in and out of combat:
    • Each ship you can purchase has its own pre-created layout, currently optimized by the Council. Founder-created ship interiors will come in another Titan Tuesday update. All ships have a variety of different guns built in, so that you can start attacking specific areas on Rebel ships
    • Watch out, because someone’s been making Rebel ships too! Figure out the best strategy against dozens of unique interiors for a variety of challenges. Will you attack their life support devices or destroy their guns first? Don’t forget to keep up on repairs – some of these Rebel ships are packing serious heat.
    • Ships have their own local fuel and power networks, so there is no need to worry about connecting them to your city.
  • With Tactical View comes a few additions to the Employee Management panel – each Ship you launch has its own job priority list that you can manage as your needs change
  • You may also want to familiarize yourself with Ship-specific devices, like Engines, Crewpods, Life Support and more. There are also some devices like the Generator that require an Employee to operate on a ship.
  • For those lore-hungry Founders, we’ve added additional loading screen texts for each image! Keep an eye out for the new ones
  • The weather seems to be getting stronger on Titan – it will now affect your City in different ways, based on how intense the weather is
    • Rain provides a decrease in the effects of pollution, dampening the output from your Smokestacks, Mines and Trucks
    • Snow will make your Employees and Citizens walk slightly slower than usual
  • Stats like how much fuel and energy is stored, as well as number and type of ships owned, will now figure into Net Worth (displayed at the Game Over/Win screen) and Rebel attack difficulty
  • Destroying rocks now generates pollution
  • ? You can now choose a target for your Defensive Turret! Select the Turret and use the UI panel to decide which Rebel ship to take out first
  • ? Have an excess of resources but that resource patch is sitting in the way of your perfect city layout? Resource patches can now be destroyed instead of requiring a full depletion, making city expansion faster than ever. It will generate pollution though.
  • ? Storage containers now display a coloured light depending on the filters you’ve assigned them, making location of specific resources faster than before
  • ? Employees will also display a coloured light depending on what resource they’re carrying
  • ? A big balance change – we’ve reworked the way Fuel and Pollution function and they are now on the same timescale as the rest of the in-game world instead of on their own timescale. This should help significantly with fuel fluctuation issues.
  • Ships now turn on a dime instead of needing to bank to turn around
  • The speed of Employees inside a building or ship has been reduced by 10% to allow for more readable combat
  • ? A new user option: if playing with dual monitors, you can now set the monitor containing your game window to capture the mouse to allow for easier edge panning
  • A new Corporation starts with 8 Employees instead of 5
  • Due to how combat has changed, the number of Rebel ships that can be attacking a city is now 10. Also, the number of additional attackers in Survival mode has also been decreased
  • An important update for our fan translator community: we’ve done some massive overhauls of how localization will work, making the whole process simpler and more user-friendly. Our programmer Ben has written a handy guide on how to translate game files here 4.
    PLEASE BE ADVISED: If you were using old localised files they will no longer work! You will not be able to use the old files you had before.
  • Added some icons to Fuel producing devices and buildings to indicate that Xethane in the area is low or depleted to better help players diagnose fuel issues
  • ? Added ‘requires xethane’ to the tooltips of Fuel Fabricators and Turbines
  • Transport Hub now displays a popup indicating how much fuel was used by the last truck movement if the Transportation Overlay is being displayed
  • Ships now have randomly generated names that can be customized in addition to their hull type name
  • The Transportation Overlay has an updated look to better communicate information about trucks and their movements
  • A new flag indicating how many of your Employees are idle has been added to the Employee Management tab
  • The Mine connection tube now displays a red tube if a tile outside its range is selected
  • To prevent maps where the player can be softlocked, it’s no longer possible to set the amount of crevices and sinkholes to ‘none’ in a custom map
  • Doubled the amount of crevices in the Pioneering Terraformer map
  • Alphabetized the device lists for better organization
  • Some balances to overall difficulty
    • Multiple iterations behind the scenes to settle down on a balance for Tactical View combat pacing
    • Increased the health of all ships by 25%
    • Survival mode has less random variance when generating attack waves
    • Across all difficulties, the more successful the player is, the shorter the time between attacks
    • Added an additional 10 min of preparation time before Rebels arrive the first time an attack is triggered
    • More minor adjustments to the way difficulty is scaled based on performance
    • Turrets fire slower than previously due to slower paced combat overall
    • Turrets now cost 10 minerals more, require 50% more energy to use, and do 33% less damage than before

Fixed Issues as of 0.3.5

  • 100+ bug fixes to the new features included in this update
  • Added a lot of checks to prevent a number of different crashes
  • Fixed snow showing up under device blueprints
  • Fixed final tutorial step never dismissing
  • Fixed mine pipe not being centered on connected mine
  • Fixed mine range not updating for connected mine
  • Fixed self destructing ship damage being instantly applied when the game was paused instead of waiting until the game was unpaused
  • Fixed incoming attack timer reading ‘completed’ instead of ‘incoming’
  • Fixed first ship being visible in a second shipyard when a built ship was ready to launch
  • Fixed jitter on shipyard when placing on city map
  • Fixed destroyed buildings being on fire again when loading a game
  • Fixed adding an outlet to a battery-only grid wasn’t powering relays or pylons correctly
  • Fixed an outlet and two relays (and no power) causing one of the relays to look powered on when it wasn’t
  • Fixed pylon looking powered when connected to any source of energy, even if it was non-functional or disabled

You can find the full list of known issues here.