Patch 0.3.6

Released: 25th August 2020


Changes as of 0.3.6

  • Added some information to the dismantle button to provide reasons as to why it’s disabled in multiple different instances
  • Added information to the repair tooltip to give reasons as to why it is and isn’t accessible
  • If a ship has a very long name, it is now clipped instead of displaying the whole name in order for all grid names to fit inside the dropdown menu
  • For localizations: location text is now correctly moved from XML to localization text file. Faction text is also now located in the localization text file

Fixes as of 0.3.6

  • Fixed Employees not being counted as in ships (this intentionally removes them from the Employee pool, as they cannot be retrieved from ships)
  • Hopefully fixed a common crash caused by unassigned jobs not being cleaned up properly when a ship was destroyed (usually triggered by attempting to save the game)
  • Fixed targeting inside enemy ships not working. Simply select one of the weapon buttons at the bottom of the screen and then place the attack selection on the enemy ship.
  • Fixed fuel not showing up on ships properly
  • Fixed player being allowed to use targeting on enemy weapons
  • Fixed a handful of typos
  • Fixed ship death notification being displayed when an enemy ship died
  • Fixed pause flags showing shadows
  • Fixed the weird tooltip displaying on the idle Employees flag under Employee Management
  • Fixed an incorrect shortcut being displayed on the dismantle button for buildings (it’s backspace or delete, not Z)
  • Fixed the rebel ship selection panel being blank
  • Fixed unlock hull button not being correctly disabled when it was unlockable
  • Fixed grid ID numbers not being displayed
  • Added many, many checks to prevent a number of different crashes
  • Fixed an occasional crash when an Employee moved to a med pod inside a ship
  • Fixed a number of rare, one off crashes
  • Fixed an issue when upgrading buildings
  • Fixed resources being carried by Employees to another floor not being returned if their job was cancelled before they took the elevator
  • Fixed burrow wave stuck if the only building to be burrowed started upgrading
  • Fixed fuel fabricators not generating fuel while the ship was inside the shipyard waiting for launch, which would cause ships to launch with no oxygen and immediately kill all Employees aboard
  • Fixed medical pod animating even if no Employee was using it
  • Fixed dismantling a fuel tank causing a generator to flash off for a moment, which could cause cascading grid issues
  • Fixed Employees running in place if a medical pod was disabled while they were using it
  • Fixed ships not being removed from total number of ships created if the construction was cancelled, which could cause shipyards to become useless
  • Fixed disabling Energy Depot causing parts of the grid to become lost unless disabled/reenabled
  • Fixed Pylon not powering on automatically if an Oulet was built before a Relay connecting it to a power source
  • Fixed reenabling a pylon connected to an outlet without power allowing the pylon to animate as if it was powered (even though it wasn’t)
  • Fixed fuel and energy storage inside Tactical View not being hidden completely if the player used the arrow button to hide it
  • Fixed Energy Depot getting removed from a grid if two Energy Depots were enabled while a power source was not connected
  • Miscellaneous combat UI fixes
  • Fixed a backwards compatibility issue with save files
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a player ship self destructed after entering combat with a Rebel

You can find the full list of known issues here.