Patch 0.4.1

Released: 3rd September 2020


Changes as of 0.4.1

This one is mostly just a hot fix, folks! We did add a few small things:

  • Added the ship build time to the details of a selected hull
  • Added a tooltip and a warning flash to indicate why trading isn’t possible if the player has too few trade tickets
  • Costs 20 credits to repair ships now
  • Added extra tooltips to the ship construction menu to better communicate why a ship isn’t available to build
  • Removed the numbering on Headquarters… After all, you can only have one!
  • Changed the way grids are displayed in city view – if a building contains multiple grids, it will now read “Multiple Grids” instead of just the primary one
  • Selecting a road to place will turn on the transportation overlay, making it easier to plan your transportation networks

Fixed issues as of 0.4.1

  • Fixed employees dying of suffocation before a ship launched if the shipyard was constructed in an area without Xethane
  • Fixed roads not autorotating when in placement mode if the tile was not already owned by the player
  • Fixed lots of bad AI decisions regarding med pod and operating devices
  • Fixed a crash due to XML discrepancy
  • Fixed bridges not being destroyed correctly in memory, causing employees to walk over thin air instead of updating their pathing
  • Fixed text clipping on ship details
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when UI accidentally viewed invalid devices
  • Fixed issues with some in-world icons not displaying correctly
  • Fixed ship construction being allowed if any of the employees who would be assigned to the ship were in fulltime jobs (mine, smokestack etc). Player must now unassign employees for them to be usable in ship construction
  • Fixed long-standing issue where conversion capsule and center could use up all artifacts if the conversion button was clicked multiple times, even if there weren’t enough citizens to be converted
  • Fixed a death notification showing ‘unknown reason’
  • Fixed damage on lasers displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with localized .txt files not being recognized in the drop down. Localized files should now work correctly
  • Fixed a crash caused by device holograms being selected while under construction
  • Fixed incorrect text display when dismantling devices
  • Fixed redundant tooltip on crew pod empty slot
  • Fixed turret being able to target player ships (didn’t actually damage them, but a bit silly)
  • Fixed employee getting stuck in running animation when tactical view was exited and reentered while they were repairing something
  • Fixed incorrect text on resource patch dismantle
  • Fixed Employees running in place if a repair finished while the player was not in Tactical View
  • Fixed placeholder text being displayed by accident on device dismantle
  • Fixed weapon buttons not being displayed in larger ships correctly
  • Fixed some minor visual issues

You can find the full list of known issues here.