Patch 0.4.7

Released: 28th September 2020


Changes as of 0.4.7

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

  • ? The load menu now has a more robust file deletion system! You can now delete all saves at the same time or select specific ones to remove.
  • The load menu also has an improved appearance
  • There is now camera consistency between Shipyard interior and City View
  • Added some juicy SFX to ship building and the shipyard UI
  • Shipyard launch requirements list now displays warnings if your ship doesn’t have a life support, enough fuel or enough power to sustain your ship

Fixes as of 0.4.7

  • Fixed how damage is displayed on ships and shipyard
  • Fixed a couple of minor and major crashes
  • Fixed the Incoming Attack Warning being displayed all the time
  • Fixed the oxygen meter not dropping when life support disabled in a ship
  • Fixed the radius of a relay not displaying correctly if placing another relay when construction completed
  • Fixed Industrial Outlet deleting grids when placed in another building
  • Fixed ship construction jobs not being able to pause
  • Fixed Employees inside the shipyard double spawning when entering the shipyard before starting another ship construction, creating ghost Employees

You can find the full list of known issues here.