Patch 0.5.1

Released: 8th October 2020

Changes as of 0.5.1

  • Oxygen now refills in ships when they are docked
  • Added the Employee requirement to the Generator in ships (it was unclear that an operator was required for Generators)
  • Otherwise, just a couple bug fixes!

Fixes as of 0.5.1

  • A hopeful fix for mines not emptying – readjusted the job system to prevent jobs from being lost. If you’re loading up a save where your mines are already broken this will not fix them unfortunately (they will stay broken)
  • Fixed some backwards compatibility issues with save files that contained old shipyard code – those files should now be accessible again!
  • Fixed damage effect not being removed when a floor tile or device was being repaired in the shipyard
  • Fixed selecting the ‘excess resources’ flag on a shipyard offsetting the selection area
  • Fixed the excess resources flag not showing up when it should
  • Fixed ships never launching due to the game counting an Employee moving a resource off a ship as being blocked and stuck on the ship
  • Fixed ship hull texture carving not refreshing correctly when entering Tactical View
  • Fixed Employees sometimes doing a crawling animation when injured in combat and then unassigned from their ship
  • Fixed some material issues on devices in ships – some damaged devices were not displaying their damage textures correctly

You can find the full list of known issues here