Patch 0.5.2

Released: 19th October 2020


Changes as of 0.5.2

  • We’ve gone and refactored our storage system! This has been a behind the scenes work in progress for quite some time now and we’re hoping that it solves some of the longer-standing storage issues. Consistent reporting will be VERY useful to us here, so please let us know what you think! You may run into more bugs than usual or you might run into fewer (fingers crossed!)
  • The beginnings of our Event Log system are here. Keep up to date on all the events of your city and their locations including:
    • When buildings and devices complete construction
    • What resources were gained in salvages and extractions
    • When migrant bidding is opened and closed
    • Updates on the status of your buildings, devices and Employees
    • And much more!
  • A rudimentary version of our building shortcut navigation: simply use the dropdown menu to navigate to whichever building interior you want!
  • Trucks now travel 25% faster, and carry 10 resources instead of 5
  • Made a change to the Transportation system – there is no longer a maximum range on Transport Hubs. We found this was too restrictive and complex. Trucks can now theoretically travel infinite distances (or, at the very least, across your city!) as long as there is a road, even if the Transport Hub is far, far away from the destination
  • A new building: the Industrial Fan building (it’s currently just called ‘Fan’). Use this building to blow pollution away from your city, or to push Xethane to your fuel turbines! Be careful, because it will blow both away regardless of where you put it. Balancing for this new building is ongoing, so the intensity of the effects might change in the future.
  • Added a couple of new gameplay options:
    • Added an option to automatically pause the game whenever the game window loses focus, by clicking away from it or alt-tabbing. This can be disabled from the settings menu, but is on by default.
    • The game now reduces its framerate when unpaused and not in focus. We will add an option to turn this off in the future
    • FPS can now be exposed via an option in settings for folks who like to keep an eye on it
  • The coloured bars below each of your resources in the HUD now indicate the status of your storage for that resource
  • Mines are now displayed as sources of pollution in the pollution overlay
  • Energy Plants have a slower rotation speed and less distracting emissive properties to improve their look
  • Added a new device to ship building: the Reinforcement Pillar! Build these to add 2HP to your hull per Pillar

Fixes as of 0.5.2

  • Around 30 or so fixes to new features
  • Around 50 or so fixes to the refactored storage system
  • Fixed device and Employee hover not working correctly in shipyard and Tactical views
  • Fixed not all types of homeless camp spawning (was only using one of three different assets)
  • Fixed resources on the floor of a ship not counting towards any construction placed on top of them
  • Fixed pause vignette tweening in when changing views while paused
  • Fixed some small UI nitpicks
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when there was a null crew pod

You can find the full list of known issues here.