Patch 0.5.5

Released: 30th October 2020


Developer note: Starting next week, November 6, we will be doing weekly AMAs on Fridays in our Discord server. Make your way over to the #titan-ama channel to drop your most pressing questions, and a dev will be there to answer!

Changes as of 0.5.5

  • Patch Notes are now viewable from inside the game from the main menu! This is a fairly new addition so please let us know if you have any issues.
  • Updated our Road Map 
  • Added some juicy SFX to the Folder System!
  • Added 3 brand-new Rebel Ships with a handful of their own unique layouts!
  • Added a range stat to Air Purifier
  • ? Nerfed ship explosion damage so that entire cities aren’t decimated in combat
  • More bugfixes!

Fixes as of 0.5.5

  • Fixed a couple typos!
  • Fixed an incorrect tooltip on the burrow button
  • Fixed job folders being duplicated on load
  • Fixed text clipping issues on job folders
  • Fixed folders being un-interactable after they had been moved around
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when viewing the job priority list
  • Fixed a storage discrepancy that occurred if the Employee using a truck to store resources starts in the same location as the resources to be stored
  • Fixed a resource discrepancy caused by ending deliveries to a smokestack
  • Fixed a storage discrepancy that occurred when Employees were delivering waste to a smokestack that was being dismantled
  • Fixed being allowed to make more than 20 folders in Ship Priorities
  • Fixed the ‘create folder’ button not greying out when it was supposed to
  • Fixed not being able to rename ship folders
  • Fixed folders not being numbered incrementally when creating them
  • Fixed resources being lost if a truck was driving to a construction and the job was paused and then cancelled
  • Fixed some tweens on arrows
  • Fixed call to arms resetting its appearance when loading a save
  • Fixed Employees dedicated to a certain job not also following any prioritizations in that category
  • Fixed total jobs not being displayed on folders unless an Employee actively working on a job
  • Fixed pause on unfocus not working correctly in the city view
  • Fixed being able to drag ‘drag jobs here’ box in folders
  • Fixed empty folders filling with fake jobs
  • Fixed a crash when selecting an office building
  • Fixed a handful of crashes that occurred when using the drag and drop
  • Fixed player-edited names resetting their name if renamed for a third time
  • Fixed folders displaying max values when creating a new folder
  • Fixed Employees becoming ‘idle’ if they were doing a job and extra employees were added to dedicated Employees in a different category
  • Fixed an issue with Manual Mode in the music player (tracks were not playing)