Patch 0.6.0

Released: 3rd November 2020

UPDATE 6: Quality of Life

With update 5, we officially have all the content from our previous demos in Industries of Titan. Now six months in, we can’t believe how fast time has flown by.

The road going forward is uncharted. One of the reasons we decided to release Industries of Titan in Early Access was because we wanted to have a closer relationship with players throughout development. We’ve been trying to do our best to balance transparency and the element of surprise, and we hope we’ve been successful on that front! For the past half year, we’ve been listening and implementing as much feedback as we can (?). This month and the next month we’re implementing more significant community requests.

Thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with us so far! We can’t wait to venture into never before seen Titan territory with you going forward.



  • UP IN ARMS: Call your troops to arms against the enemy with a single button!
  • YOUR BIGGEST FAN: New Industrial Fan building to blow both Xethane and pollution away or towards certain areas of the map.
  • MINUTES MADE: Keep track of the happenings in your city with the new Events Log.
  • ORGANIZED WORKFORCE: Designate a minimum number of workers to a job at all times!
  • WATCH YOUR BACK: Danny Baranowsky’s INDUSTRIES OF TITAN UNDER CONSTRUCTION OST is updated with a new track, Watch [working title].

Industries of Titan is in Early Access, which means we are actively updating and adding new content based on our roadmap and your wonderful feedback. You can expect the next major update on Tuesday, December 1st. We’re implementing even more community Quality of Life features next month while we work on getting population simulation for the new year. See the full patch notes below!

Changes as of 0.6.0

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

A big change we’ve been working on behind the scenes: we’ve completely refactored the storage system! This was a huge undertaking but it was certainly worth it. This system will help us detect any remaining issues, so if you see a resource discrepancy please report it as usual.

  • Regarding storage: it is highly recommended that you start a new save file with this patch. Unfortunately, something the storage refactor did not fix is saves that already have storage bugs (it was not a retroactive fix). If you load an old save and are still having storage issues there is not much we can do to solve those problems as there is a high chance they do not occur in new save games.
  • The coloured bars below each of your resources in the HUD now indicate the status of your storage for that resource

? Can’t keep up with your City happenings? The Event Log will solve that problem.

  • Select the type of notifications you want to view, or view all of them at the same time
  • Get info on ruins actions, the results of your salvage, construction, migrants, upgrades, and more!
  • Use the handy eye icon to immediately center the camera on any given job

Get ready to be blown away with a new pollution solution: the Industrial Fan

  • Place strategically to blow both Xethane and pollution away or towards certain areas of the map
  • This building can be rotated after being built to blow air in a different direction


  • ? Made a change to the Transportation system – there is no longer a maximum range on Transport Hubs. Trucks can now travel wherever there is a road
  • Trucks now travel 25% faster and can carry 10 resources instead of 5
  • ? Roads now have 24 HP instead of 18 HP

Ships and Combat

  • ? Ships can now be dismantled in the shipyard, provided they are empty of devices
  • New UI for allocating Crew to ships
  • Changed the way ships turn – they turn much faster now
  • Moved the location of the burrow button to HQ and Command Center UI panels
  • Added 3 brand-new Rebel Ships with a handful of their own unique layouts!
  • ? Nerfed ship explosion damage so that entire cities aren’t decimated in combat

? The feature you’ve all been waiting for! Call to Arms is finally here. 

  • The button is located on any of your Defense Turrets as well as your HQ and Command Center UI panels. Click to assign any idle Employees to your turrets, and click again to unassign them
  • The Call to Arms will also enable all un-enabled Turrets when clicked, as well as disable them when Employees are unassigned (it’s energy efficient!)

A brand new look for Job Priorities – Folder System

  • Like the Simple vs Advanced views, jobs have categories of prioritization that are now expandable/collapsible folders
  • Folders can be completely customized – rename them, delete them, create new ones and shuffle your priorities around as you see fit for your City
  • Overall just a cleaner and more streamlined UI experience

? Dedicated Employee assignments are also here!

  • You can click to add or remove Employees to any given job category. They’ll remain assigned to that category even if you change the priority.
  • Employees who are assigned to a job category that has no jobs in it are assigned to that category until unassigned.

Game and Menu Options

  • Patch notes are now viewable in-game from the main menu!
  • ? Added the option to disable screenshake
    • Screenshake in combat is now proportional to the size of the laser firing. Also, all screenshake reduced slightly
  • ? Added the option to disable weather (and its effects)
  • ? Added an option to automatically pause the game whenever the game window loses focus
  • ? Added an option to display FPS
  • ? Added the option to turn off the game dropping its framerate when unfocused
  • Added all Landfaller and Rebel ships to the Codex

New Danny Baranowsky track and SFX

  • A new DannyB track – Watch [working title]
  • Added a bunch of new SFX!

The Council is Pleased

  • Increased passive influence gain by 10%

Updates to Buildings

  • Added a range stat to Air Purifier
  • Increased the local storage of Smokestacks and Mines to 10 to match the increase to truck capacity
  • Mines are now displayed as sources of pollution in the pollution overlay
  • Energy Plants have a slower rotation speed and less distracting emissive properties to improve their look


Fixes as of 0.6.0

  • Overall around 200 fixes to new features
    • Once again – many of these fixes are not retroactive. If you’re having difficulty with storage and idle Employees in your old save files, they likely will persist in the new patch if you load your old save.
    • Also, we haven’t ruled out storage issues in our latest patch – please continue to report them and send save files!
  • Fixed the big issue with mines – delivery jobs and pickup jobs were getting merged together, causing issues with mines being emptied
  • Fixed upgraded buildings being counted twice in net worth – upgrading buildings will no longer instantly trigger rebel attacks
  • Fixed device and Employee hover not working correctly in shipyard and Tactical views
  • Fixed not all types of homeless camp spawning (was only using one of three different assets)
  • Fixed resources on the floor of a ship not counting towards any construction placed on top of them
  • Fixed pause vignette tweening in when changing views while paused
  • Fixed some small UI nitpicks
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when there was a null crew pod
  • Fixed the tooltip of the Pollution overlay not displaying accurate information
  • Fixed extreme screenshake occurring on Large Laser (8x when it should have been much lower)