Patch 0.6.1

Released: 4th November 2020

Changes as of 0.6.1

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

  • ? Shipyard Repair is now a toggle, in case you don’t have time to repair your whole ship before the Rebels arrive!
  • Turned the patch notes button on the main menu into an actual button to make it more obvious! 
  • Added a category in job priorities for Ship Dismantle

Fixes as of 0.6.1

  • Fixed that super common crash!
  • Fixed a weird issue where Employees wouldn’t mine resource patches correctly
  • Fixed a blank entry in Advisor panel
  • Fixed listed reason for losing not ever listing “HQ destroyed” as the reason for losing
  • Fixed a problem with trucks – when upgrading a transport hub, all trucks were cleared from the stored memory, which could cause issues with trucks being incorrectly reserved later on
  • Fixed the amount of dedicated Employees being allowed to go over 99
  • Fixed device placement not being 100% accurate
  • Fixed the selected Employee full-time job description not being updated unless they were selected again
  • Fixed Employee Assignment UI on turrets not updating if Call to Arms was used to assign an employee
  • Fixed a crash in pathing – could cause a crash or a hang depending on the specific issue
  • Fixed an issue where truck deliveries were not cleared when an Employee left the truck
  • Fixed issues with the small HUD bars for storage not updating correctly
  • Fixed the Ship Construction employee count not updating when Employee counts changed