Patch 0.8.1
Released 11 Jan 21 - HOTFIX
Patch 0.8.0
Released 05 Jan 21 - RELEASE
Patch 0.7.3
Released 17 Dec 20 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.7.1
Released 04 Dec 20 - HOTFIX
Patch 0.7.0
Released 01 Dec 20 - TITAN TUESDAY
Patch 0.6.6
Released 26 Nov 20 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.6.5
Released 25 Nov 20 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.6.4
Released 20 Nov 20 - EXPERIMENTAL
Patch 0.6.3
Released 17 Nov 20 - HOTFIX
Patch 0.6.2
Released 06 Nov 20 - HOTFIX

Patch 0.6.2

Released: 6th November 2020

Changes as of 0.6.2

🪐 indicates changes due to community feedback!

  • 🪐 Added a keyboard shortcut to enable and disable buildings and devices (P)! This can also be customized from the settings menu if you prefer a different key.

Fixes as of 0.6.2

  • Fixed a fractional resource error when dismantling a functioning smokestack
  • Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes when exiting the game
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when Rebel ships didn’t finish rotating to their target and ended up flying off the map instead of towards the city
  • Fixed trucks being permanently reserved when a truck was leaving a job site to pick up more resources
  • Fixed hull HP not showing full width background
  • Fixed a shader issue when game was in low-FPS mode
  • Fixed trucks being incorrectly reserved if standing on a specific tile on the second floor of a building and given a job to pick up resources outside the building
  • Fixed trucks getting stuck after upgrading a Transport Hub (again)
  • Fixed burrow button showing 1 credit when the cost of burrow was over 999
  • Fixed some states not being cleaned up when launching a ship
  • Fixed destruction of rocks not being part of a job category, meaning all other jobs had to be completed before it would be done