Patch 0.6.5

Released: 25th November 2020

Changes as of 0.6.5

  • We’ve gone and completely redone our Energy systems! Here are the details:
    • Pylon and Relay radii only have to touch to interact, no overlapping required
    • Grids are now tied to Pylons and Relays rather than Energy-producing devices and buildings, meaning grids will no longer flicker in and out if you run out of fuel or energy
    • Even if a grid is offline, the devices or buildings in its radius will still belong to that grid, allowing you to see exactly what each grid contains
    • Please let us know what you think! Do you like this better, is it easier to use and understand? We’d love to hear your feedback.
  • Other than that it’s just bug and crash fixes!

Fixes as of 0.6.5

  • Fixed 30-odd bugs related to the new power system
  • Fixed Employees getting stuck taking resources from the second floor of a building to a construction site
  • Fixed a crash involving trucks
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when dismantling a resource patch that had a resource needing pickup
  • Fixed a crash that occurred on save when a shipyard was destroyed with a ship inside that had a crewpod with an Employee assigned
  • Fixed a crash resulting from a bad delivery on load (due to loading old storage system into new storage system)
  • Fixed trucks being lost when used for a round trip
  • Fixed City priority list being displayed when opening the Employee Management panel inside a ship (shows your ship priority list instead now)
  • Fixed shortcut menu displaying locations from a previous game
  • Fixed floor tiles and devices not being repaired (Employees were given conflicting jobs and jobs were then lost and not completed)