Patch 0.6.6

Released: 26th November 2020

Changes as of 0.6.6

  • Updated the look of the shortcut menu!
    • Now displays a picture of the building, as well as any state it’s in (disabled, no power, etc)
  • Added more SFX, mostly to menus this time
  • Otherwise, just a couple more bug fixes for you.

Fixes as of 0.6.6

  • Fixed being able to name all buildings the same thing (consistently broken the shortcut menu)
  • Fixed OnPaint crash when loading an older save with an invalid energy grid on a ship
  • Fixed batteries acting as global energy supplies (rather than grid-based energy supplies)
  • Fixed duplicate entries being added to grids, causing inaccurate energy outputs
  • Fixed a crash caused by refreshing roads that are dismantled when their bridges had already been cleaned up
  • Fixed ships using the old Energy system not upgrading correctly when loaded in a newer version
  • Fixed a bad delivery state that caused Employees to endlessly pick up from mines (this fix is not retroactive unfortunately)
  • Fixed mine and smokestack being visible after burrow
  • Fixed cancelling the upgrade of a building permanently disabling all devices inside
  • Fixed the sort order of buildings in the shortcut grid
  • Fixed buildings displaying warnings that are invalid (an unmanned Energy Plant displaying ‘no fuel’ even though it has plenty of fuel, etc)