Patch 0.7.3

Released: 17th December 2020

Changes as of 0.7.3

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

A little holiday bonus from Headquarters!

  • The number of Employees you can support now increases by 4 when you upgrade your HQ! Just a little bonus from the Council for all your hard work.
  • Set yourself apart from all the other Corporations by customizing your logo when you start a new game!
    • That logo is now displayed on your HQ, in your HQ, and on the UI panels of claimed tiles
    • Additionally, your Corporation name is now prominently displayed above the location in the middle of the HUD

Following Suit

  • We saw how beneficial it was for the game’s stability to refactor our Energy system, so we’ve gone and done the same with mines, smokestacks and resource patches. Details below:
    • The slider on Mines has been replaced. instead of setting the pickup limit, you will be able to set how your resource are move to storage:
      • Employee pickup – even if trucks are available, your mine will only be emptied by individual Employees (one resource at a time)
      • Truck pickup – even if Employees are available, your mine will only be emptied by trucks (emptied by up to 10 resources at a time)
      • Both – both trucks and resources will empty the mine as soon as there are resources available
    • An Employee assigned to a mine or smokestack will now store resources they’ve mined, or go and get more waste to burn, if no other Employee is available to do that task
    • Employees assigned to Resource Patches will now mine continuously, while other Employees pick up the resources. If no Employees are available to bring resources back, the Employee assigned will mine up to 10 resources before bringing them to storage and then returning to mine again.

Speaking of suits…

  • Rebel Ship Crew got some fancy new outfits! Check them out when you’re in ship to ship combat.

Navigating Buildings is now a little easier!

  • It’s now possible to rename buildings from inside
  • Changed the keybind for entering and exiting buildings – it’s now ‘F’. You can reassign the old key, ‘enter’, from the settings menu if you prefer that

Struggling to pay for burrowing now that roads burrow too?

  • Roads can now be toggled on and off before burrowing, in case you only want to burrow your buildings and leave your roads exposed
  • Roads now cost less to burrow than other buildings (they’re already in the ground!)
  • Speaking of, we’ve also changed the costs of burrow per building – cost is now dependent on the level of your building

Lots of UI/UX updates!

  • Slightly adjusted the order of the UI panel contents for mines and smokestacks, so that local storage and mining rate are more easily viewed together
  • Wide-screen UI support has been improved: UI is no longer anchored to the corners of the screen, but in the middle, allowing easier UI navigation on a widescreen monitor. Give it a try by turning on widescreen support in the Graphics settings
  • ? Ruins icons and survey results have changed their appearance yet again! Let us know what you think.

What’s on the menu?

  • Organized our settings menu to be more readable
  • Added a tooltip to the continue button on the main menu to provide better information about which save file you’re loading

Fixes as of 0.7.3

  • About ~60 bug fixes to new features!
  • Fixed a crash that was supposed to be fixed last time, but was crashing in a different area (related to transport hubs)
  • Fixed mine/smokestack/patch rounding errors
  • Optimized the way ships calculate what tiles are repairable – slowdown in ships should be a thing of the past now! Please let us know if it’s still happening.
  • Fixed a crash in shipyard by adding some protections against bad states
  • Fixed a handful of crashes sent in by users
  • Fixed waste in the local storage of a residential building or conversion center never being cleaned up if an upgrade was queued for that building
  • Fixed a resource discrepancy that occurred if upgrading a mine or smokestack using isotopes that were stored in internal storage at that location
  • Fixed tooltip flickering if moving the cursor quickly over elements that contained tooltips
  • Fixed the ‘automatically select grid’ option not working correctly
  • Fixed the overlay sound being triggered when selecting buildings that turned on different overlays
  • Fixed disabled storage containers preventing display of the ‘full’ flag on buildings
  • Fixed priority flag not displaying correctly on certain buildings or devices