Patch 0.8.2

Released: 22nd January 2021

Changes as of 0.8.2

The streets are alive with Citizens! Population Simulation 1.0 is finally here

  • Citizens now adhere to a loose schedule every day:
    • Commute to work and earn credits during the day
    • Wander the streets in the evening
    • Sleep at night (except for a few night owls!)
  • Citizens will choose their own housing based on Livability factors, including proximity to jobs, pollution sources, Headquarters, and Council/Spaceport
  • UI is populated with new details about livability factors for each building. You can see these changes in the build menu under each building’s stats and in their UI selection panels
  • Citizens wear different outfits in different colours
  • New Citizen animations to bring your city to life (and death, as it turns out)
  • The visual crowd density can be controlled via a slider in the Graphics Settings

Manage your newly populated city with the help of the Citizen Management panel

  • Located on the top left of the HUD alongside all your other management panels
  • Provides information on your living spaces, jobs, their occupancy and availability, as well as the spread between Citizen-related Buildings and Devices
  • Lets you know what time of day it is and what your Citizens are currently doing
  • Lets you know the general health of your Citizens in a percentage

Have you been looking for a way to spend those credits? Get ready, because your Employees are tired of working for free (and they want backpay! Just kidding)

  • Every Employee now requires a 50 credit salary paid out every 24 simulation minutes (once per Titan day)
  • If you can’t afford to pay, you won’t be able to convert new Employees, even if you have the Artifacts to do so until you pay out a full salary period

The more you mine…

  • Resource nodes now have quality degradation – the longer you mine, the less you’ll gain over time, however they still contain infinite amounts of resources

Updates to UI, overlays, and SFX!

  • Timer on the bottom right of the screen can now be toggled to display simulation time passed or Titan time (days passed and current time of day)
  • The Jobs list now displays jobs in singular resources, rather than per tile, hopefully giving a more accurate view of how many resources need to move to a construction site or get cleaned up after a salvage
  • Smokestacks now have the same sliders that Mines do – you can set your Waste drop-off to be by Employee, by Truck, or by both
  • Updated the look of the Energy Overlay, as well as improved its functionality
  • A bunch of gorgeous new SFX for devices

A HUGE balance pass! Details below:

  • Player starts with 6000 credits instead of 100 credits
  • Mining by hand and mining by Mine are now the same speed
  • Mining speed for both isotope nodes and mineral nodes doubled
  • All building energy requirements doubled
  • Waste generation from Citizens is increased from 1 every 10sec to every 120sec
  • Reduced credit earning rate by 75% (Citizens earn 1 credit every 18sec)
  • Decreased storage capacity 20% for Energy Depot and Fuel Silo
  • Amount of migrants per ship increased x4
  • Increased Ship Unlock costs by x10
  • Increased Building Unlock cost by x5
  • Increased costs for many buildings:
    • 30 > 32 minerals for Transport Hub, Command Center, Monument, Fuel Fabricator, Air Filter, Energy Plant and Mine
    • 20 > 24 minerals for Industrial Fan and Shipyard
    • 20 > 32 minerals for Residential building
    • 30 > 48 minerals and 2 > 4 isotopes for Office building
    • 12 > 16 minerals for Conversion Center
    • 3 > 4 minerals for Roads
    • 60 > 64 minerals for Defense Turret
  • Decreased mineral costs for some buildings:
    • 10 > 8 minerals for Storage Facility, Factory, Smokestack, Pylon, Fuel Silo, and Energy Depot
  • Decreased cost and build times for some devices:
    • 8 > 4 for Habitat Pod, build speed is doubled
    • 6 > 2 for Monetization Station, build speed is tripled
  • Increased Residential living capacity:
    • Unconnected: 16 / 24 / 32 (levels 1/2/3)
    • Connected:     34 / 52 / 70
  • Increased Office job capacity:
    • Unconnected: 32 / 48 / 64
    • Connected:     68 / 104 / 140
  • Increased waste storage of Conversion Center and Residential: 
    • Unconnected: 10 / 15 / 20
    • Connected:     20 / 30 / 40
  • Increased Employee Support for Conversion Center:
    • Unconnected: 4 / 6 / 8
    • Connected:     9 / 14 / 19
  • Energy Plant’s required fuel and energy output increased:
    • Unconnected: 12 / 18 / 24 fuel required, but 48 / 72 / 96 energy output
    • Connected:     24 / 36 / 48 fuel required, but 108 / 162 / 216 energy output

Fixes as of 0.8.2

  • Many, many adjustments and fixes to population simulation
  • Made some small optimizations to VFX when game is zoomed out
  • Fixed rock destruction not being cancellable
  • Fixed wording on Mine slider description
  • Fixed dismantling a resource patch while an Employee was mining causing Employee to be stuck mining forever
  • Fixed unassigning an Employee from a resource patch during their storage phase causing issues when reassigning an Employee later
  • Fixed (hopefully?) the issue causing massive slowdown on Stable version