Patch 0.8.3

Released: 28th January 2021

Changes as of 0.8.3

? indicates changes due to community feedback!

Population and Energy Overlays

  • Added the Population Overlay! Buildings are highlighted if they have vacancies, and are outlined depending on what kind of purpose they serve (green for living space, yellow for jobs, and a mix for buildings that contain both)
    • We’ll be continuing to add to this overlay in the future!
  • More updates to the Energy Overlay (which is now visible inside as well!)

Call me, beep me if you want to reach me (Tutorial Updates)

  •  Small update to the tutorial – we’ve removed the majority of the steps in the tutorial. This is in preparation for the Advisors panel to become more useful. If you get stuck, try phoning an Advisor up!

Make It Pretty

  • Improved the look of the Citizen Management panel
  • Updated the look of Citizens further to improve visibility, added new outfit colours
  • Improved the look of the livability stats on buildings

More UI Information

  • Added Desirability stat to Office and Monetization Station panels
  • Updated text on Resource Nodes UI panel to make the mining rates more clear

You don’t live here anymore

  • Changed the way the game relocates Citizens to new living spaces

Lots of rebalancing!

  • Tuned the effects of pollution and xethane on livability
  • ? Added salary to the liabilities calculated in Net Worth, so that a high Employee count doesn’t trigger constant Rebel attacks
  • Increased credits earning rate to one per working Citizen every 9 seconds
  • Slightly increased salary requirements to offset increase to credits earning rate
  • Rebalanced calculations of livability factors
  • Council now costs 2000 credits to unlock
  • Waste is generated 3x less than usual, is only produced during sleep phase
  • ? Further adjustments to AI aggression rates for new Citizen and credit economy
  • ? Made migrant ships slightly more common than cargo ships
  • Buildings now provide 50% of their stated proximity effect on livability if disabled

Fixes as of 0.8.3

  • Fixed massive metadata files from ancient saves – the game now ignores metadata and rewrites on load, to avoid crashes when starting a new game if the player had really old saves
    • This is important! Older, potentially corrupted, save files from April and earlier will no longer load. It is highly encouraged to delete any old saves from launch you might have around.
  • Fixed a small bug in pollution overlay
  • Fixed a crash that  could occur when selecting a pylon to place (was accessing invalid memory)
  • Fixed Spaceport progress bar not updating correctly sometimes
  • Fixed Smokestack not displaying the ‘no trucks’ warning flag
  • Fixed credit output numbers to be accurate to the time of day (now displays 0 when it’s leisure/night)
  • Fixed monetization station always being listed as offline in Citizen Management panel
  • Fixed a ship that had no image in the Spaceport
  • Fixed some text clipping issues
  • Fixed the loading screen getting the wrong data, causing issues sometimes when loading
  • Fixed being able to select the interior of a building when transitioning to a new view
  • Fixed progress bars being displayed when all jobs should be 0
  • Fixed living space occupancy numbers not adding up correctly
  • Fixed job issues when upgrading a storage facility while Employees were about to grab waste for the Smokestack
  • Fixed Citizens not losing their jobs when evicted from their homes 
  • Fixed livability stats not being multiplied correctly